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  1. jmoose4bama

    jmoose4bama Active Member

    my wifes droid charge does some weird thing when shes talking on it; makes a sound that is similar to a walkie talkie. anyone ever experienced that sound on their phone before?

    also, her gps continues to give her problems. going to call verizon again and see if they will send a replacement for her phone.

    are there any problems with the gps with the htc rezound? she travels alot so I want to make sure that she can trust her phone when traveling.

  2. GrammieDroid

    GrammieDroid Well-Known Member

    Wow if she wants the HTC why not get the Rhyme?? My daughter has Dinc2 and uses the GPS all the time. It is 3g only but speedy. My Charge GPS works great after GB update. Does your wife's have the update?
  3. Hawk03

    Hawk03 Well-Known Member

    My GPS is just as horrible after GB update as before. I use GPS Test app prior to using Navigation, it helps the GSP 'warm up.' Its an old Samsung Omnia trick.

    The sound during a call is a known issue as well. It won't get cleared up until an update is pushed through from Verizon or you root your phone.
  4. jmoose4bama

    jmoose4bama Active Member

    thanks for the replies. surprisingly my wife likes the 4g speed, says her facebook loads much faster.

    yeah, they need to be pushing for another update to this phone but it took forever to get the update for this one.

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