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  1. AnguishedEnd

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    Ok so I just got the phone yesterday and set it up today.

    As soon as I turned it on after charging to 100% I encountered problems.
    First problem occured when setting up MotoBlur account. It asked to select a language (very first option) and the phone just spazzed out lol. It would randomly start clicking different languages on its own without me even touching the screen. I couldn't do anything except hold down the power button to turn it off. The same thing happened again the next try. So on my third (3rd times the charm eh?)try I got through the set up smoothly and nothing happened. Ithen set up everything (email, twitter etc ) no problems for about an hour messing with the phone and testing it out.

    Just a few minutes ago though I turned on the phone and it asked for my fingerprint swipe so I did that and it was unresponsive then it went to my PIN # unlock method but the phone kept click at random and I was forced to shut it down again mannually by holding down the power button.

    So my question to you all is, is this normal? On occasion the phone goes haywire or something? I've never owned a smartphone before and so I don't have anything to compare it too. Should I just exchange it?


  2. AnguishedEnd

    AnguishedEnd Member

    Decided to exchange it today and I can say for sure it was the phone. I haven't had a single problem like before with my new Atrix. Its was just bad luck! =D

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