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Random Vibrations? [Help]General

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  1. Scincidae

    Scincidae Active Member

    I keep having random vibrations every few minutes, usually 2 quick short vibrations but sometimes there are 3-4. There are no visual alerts to go along with the vibrations and I am pretty confused. It has been doing this for about 24 hours now at least.

    I tried disabling many of my widgets/apps that I know cause vibrations but no results yet. I have also restarted the phone and it seems the vibrations start right away after reboot (but that could be a start-up vibration if there is one). Anyone have any ideas or know how I could create a log of apps calling the vibration feature?


  2. FierceDeityLink1

    FierceDeityLink1 Well-Known Member

  3. Scincidae

    Scincidae Active Member

    They are definitely real vibrations. I can hold in in my can and feel the vibrations again and again or I can put it on a wooden table and hear it happen.
  4. esn

    esn Well-Known Member

    Check and make sure all of your apps have a tone set not just vibrate.. Twitter would be one to look at if you have it..
  5. Scincidae

    Scincidae Active Member

    I don't have Twitter. The apps I do have that can vibrate are..
    - Astrid (Todo app, but no tasks in it right now)
    - Facebook (I have it for a long interval update and no vibrations)
    - Handcent (All SMS read)
    - SportsTap (At 15 minute intervals and they show up in alerts)
    - Pure Messenger Widget (Linked to Handcent)
    - AudioControl widget (Vibrates on tap but I have it set to sound on)

    All my other apps are (don't think they would vibrate and/or havent set them up)..
    - Battery Widget
    - CoinFlip (Installed after vibrations started)
    - ASTRO
    - Dolphin Browser
    - Facebook Sync
    - GameBoid
    - JuicePlotter
    - Music junk (Installed after vibrations started)
    - Pandora
    - QuickUninstall
    - Robo Defense
    - Shazam (Installed after vibrations started)
    - SMS AutoReply
    - YouMail (Installed after vibrations started)

    Any ideas?

    (also turned off all email syncing)

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