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randomly not receiving text messages!Support

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  1. shae1999

    shae1999 New Member

    I received my Evo Tuesday in the mail. I had my number ported over from AT&T Tuesday afternoon and my EVO activated. Since that time I have recieved only a few of the text messages being sent to me and some I send are not being received.

    For example:

    1. I was having a conversation with a Verizon user, I got 2 of their replies, then I never got their 3rd one. They sent 2 more messages after that, never got those either.

    2. I had a conversation with an AT&T person and we had about 5 replies back and forth before they stopped receiving mine.

    3. A Verizon person sent me a random text and I never got it.

    4. A Verizon person sent me a random text and I got it, but they never got my reply.

    These scenarios have occured over and over with both Verizon and AT&T customers. Sometimes the texts will make it, sometimes not. I don't know anyone else on Sprint's network to test it with them.

    I have literally spent the last 2 days on the phone with Sprint tech support, NO ONE can figure this out.
    - My EVO isn't rooted or doing anything fancy, it's pretty much out of the box.
    - I am NOT using a task killer.
    - I have updated PRL multiple times
    - I have updated profile multiple times
    - I have rebooted and removed the battery multiple times
    - I tried downloading both chompsms and handcent to see if that helped but it didn't.
    - I had an "RTN" (was also referred to by tech support as a ##something-or-other) hard reset done at the Sprint store (losing everything on the phone in the process). It didn't help. Tech support was POSITIVE this would resolve the problem because all else had failed. Since it didn't, they're all out of ideas.

    I know it can take a day or two for routing to get straighted out but it's been 2 days and the behavior has not improved. It also doesn't make much sense if you're going back and forth fine one minute and the next minute it just fails completely.

    I use this phone for my job, and 90% of what I do on it is messaging. I really need to get this working. I do not want to go through the drama of doing the Sprint 30-day return and trying to get my AT&T account back.

    It seems a very simple thing to just be able to send & recieve texts messages... my SMS service with AT&T was quite reliable. So since no one at tech support can help, I was hoping one of you could? Anyone have this problem or have other suggestions that I can try?

  2. Jsorensen

    Jsorensen Member

    Ported over from AT&T Tuesday and my texts are completely random, some get them, some don't. I receive some and not others. Hopefully someone will know what the issue is soon and post it.
  3. gatorchomp83

    gatorchomp83 Active Member

    I am having the exact same issues on mine that I got yesterday and have tried the same things you did. I've found that its very reliable when I have good reception, which I don't get at home.

    It's extremely frustrating and I hope there's a fix in the next day or two or I'll regrettably have to bring the phone back and reinstate my AT&T service.
  4. mxmarks

    mxmarks New Member

    I just joined these forums to say I am having an IDENTICAL problem. I ported a number over from at&t and have not been recieving texts from my verizon friends. I am about to unfortunatley return the phone, but seeing I'm not alone has me hopeful that this problem may get resolved.

    I tend to stop getting texts when I go into work, where I get little to no signal in my office. From that point on there is no rhyme or reason as to when I get texts and who they are from. This is very very upsetting.
  5. mxmarks

    mxmarks New Member

    Apologies for a double post.
  6. Jsorensen

    Jsorensen Member

    Ok, I just received a suggestion on this issue and it appears after a couple hours it's working. Go to settings, system updates and update PRL. Once I did this I have been getting everything, incoming and outgoing. Try it and see if it fixes the problem. Good luck.
  7. applejosh

    applejosh Active Member

    When I ported my number from VZW to AT&T a couple of years ago, it took a while (day or two) for the txt stuff to get fully rolling, and that was on a fully supported BlackBerry Bold. I think the SMS portion of the number port just takes a little time.
  8. chicago510

    chicago510 New Member

    I too am having this EXACT same problem, I ported from At&t on Tuesday and at times I will be having a text conversation and then the person will randomly stop receiving my messages. This is very frustrating as I rely on texting a lot for when I do not have time to take a call and if anyone has had any luck other than just patience let me know.
  9. dsa1971

    dsa1971 Active Member

    I'm having this issue as well. I've tried registering with Qik and I haven't received any of the verification texts from Qik.
  10. KARbabee

    KARbabee Active Member

    I'm having the exact same problem! Me and my boyfriend ported over from Tmobile but he gets the verification text, I dont! What gives! lol Also I am getting texts late. Or it will notify me again for a previous text I already read and replied to. It notifies me again like 8 mins. later. This is if i'm in a text conversation. If im just sending a text here & there everything is fine. but if im involved in a convo on text sending one right after the other thats when it starts to lag.
  11. chicago510

    chicago510 New Member

    It definitely seems to be tied to signal quality. When I'm outside and get 4/5 bars I can fire texts back and forth but when I'm in my apartment with 2/3 bars if I'm lucky my texts messages seem to get lost in cyberspace.
  12. shae1999

    shae1999 New Member

    I think you're right, as of last night mine seem to have started coming through. There are large delays but I think most if not all are coming. Of course, I don't know what I'm not getting lol. A few people on the Sprint forums had theirs resolve after a few days also.

    So, everyone having this issue, please give 72 hours after successful porting to see if your issues clear up. Thanks!
  13. locc408

    locc408 New Member

    I have the same problem except i was a metro pcs customer, and I have had my service for at least 2 full weeks. The problem continues to persist. It only happens when metro pcs people text me.
  14. Essiery

    Essiery New Member

    I got the EVO a week after it was released. I've had some issues with texting and phone calls. I've been with Sprint for many years so I didn't bring my account from anywhere.

    My contacts have complained that they get empty messages from me (which weren't supposed to be empty), or don't get my messages, or get them hours later. From my side, I get messages hours later or not at all sometimes.

    I've been having issues with phone calls too.... either I don't receive calls or people don't receive my calls.

    I have contacts that use Sprint, TMobile, and ATT. I've had issues with contacts in all 3 companies, so, company doesn't really matter.

    Yesterday I called Sprint and they "reset" my account connection in regards to texts and calls. I haven't had issues again. I'll have to wait more time to see if it really is working properly now. If it's not, Customer Service told me to physically go to a store so they can fix the phone antenna cause it might be damaged.

    I really hope that my problem is solved. Good Luck!
  15. ltorrence

    ltorrence New Member

    same here, is it because i ported the number? does anyone know if it gets fixed within a couple days for metropcs? or do i have to change my number to a sprint number? i love my evo i dont wanna have to give it back! but my friends are all on metro and anytime they send my texts they get a response that says my number is not supported??? but i sent my bf a picture message and he received it? so idk whats going he tried to reply and he got the same message????
  16. x4u2sm0ke

    x4u2sm0ke New Member

    This is a old thread but i just bought a huawei ascend from metro pcs yesterday, i switched my number from my old boostmobile account. I did this yesterday, now the only person i can text and get a reply is my friend and he also have a metro pcs, ive texted someone else and she gets my texts but i dont get her replies, has anyone figured out how to resolve this? Please help.:(
  17. Squidifer

    Squidifer New Member

    I've got this exact same problem. I've been having this issue ever since I got my second Evo Shift. It was just a few months ago that it got replaced. Anyone else please help with this problem.
  18. Svetar

    Svetar New Member

    hey just got lg esteem yesterday and transferred my number from virgin mobile which i transferred from verizon which i transferred from t-mobile ..did not have any problems with verizon ..but wouldnt get texts on virgin mobile for days and then get them in bulk after reactivating the phone ..now with metro pcs i only get half of the texts if any at all ..what is going on? ... would getting a new phone number help ?
  19. drakenoboe

    drakenoboe New Member

    I've been an AT&T costumer since 2009 and I've had my Atrix for 3 months or so, and I cannot receive texts or calls...for the past 2 hours. I'm waiting on to hear from a group and I have no idea if I'll even get the info! Any tips (besides waiting through the night)?

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