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  1. TotoyKamote

    TotoyKamote Member

    This practice may increase the life of your battery and mobile phone.

  2. rohaana

    rohaana New Member

    I am experiencing the same problem, purchased it last week and since 5 days its been acting funny by getting off on its own when left idle. Can I get it refunded by samsung or I can only get it exchanged with a new one. I am afraid this model is defective on its own and replacing it wouldnt help.
  3. TotoyKamote

    TotoyKamote Member

    It depends on the retailer you purchased from. You can assert its replacment since we have consumer rights. (depending on country and purchase). If it cannot be replaced for certain reasons then you can perform the quick fix that is written in this thread.

    As for me I have the option to upgrade to galaxy tab but I opted to stick with the ace. I believe that it will be addressed in the next patch. If not, samsung sucks =)
  4. pekinesis

    pekinesis Member

    Is there any fix for the auto shut off problem yet ??
    It's quite annoying to check for the phone all the ways to see whether it still ALIVE !
  5. TotoyKamote

    TotoyKamote Member

    Still none, just the "turn off wifi if not needed" workaround. Mine worked well with this.

    Plus validated with my unlimited data promo hence i dont use my wifi anymore, and no problems with random shutdown
  6. daolak

    daolak Member

    Also preventing the phone from going to sleep mode works. Have not have a random shutdown ever since. I don't have a data plan, and use wifi a lot for chatting and some random stuff. Hence I don't want to frequently turn wifi off, so this method suits me better.
  7. TotoyKamote

    TotoyKamote Member

    To second this, Yes this method works well to, I tried this for 24hours and no problems at all. WIFI always on. Downside is.. the battery life. Compensation by charger at car and wall charger as needed.

    Im trying to find other app that replicates the function of load monitor for trial =)
  8. It seems most of the Samsung users have some issues. I am wodering is there somthing to do with the Phone.
  9. daolak

    daolak Member

    Hey, if you do find other (maybe simpler) apps that do the job, let us know. :)
  10. stingyforum

    stingyforum New Member

    hi guys i am living in australia atm
    and i also brought a galaxy ace on ebay from a hongkong seller
    and my fone also is suffering from this problem....
    i am really worried...wht should i do?
    it turns off randomly :(
    this is my first samsung fone...and before i had greats hope with it
    and for today it turned off 2 times for no reason already
    i dunno wht to do..i was reading from the above that is only a glitch or a bug in the fone
    i was wonder will samsung ever fix this problem??cause having a fone that can turn off for no reason is not a pleasant thing...
  11. daolak

    daolak Member

    Take a deep breath, the situation is not so bad actually. :)
    There are two verified workarounds at this time, both outlined in this thread.
    I've been using one of them for two weeks now with success, and others
    have reported success with the other one as well.

    That's easy. Use one of the workarounds and live your life in peace without worrying that the phone shut itself down when you last time took your hands off it for a few minutes.

    I don't think anyone here knows, unless we have people working for Samsung on this forum. Raise your hands please? =) But i wouldn't hold my breath, it could be a long wait. In the meantime, work around it and don't worry too much... It's a great phone, and i wouldn't swap it even though my phone also suffers from the glitch.
  12. stingyforum

    stingyforum New Member

    thanks for replying me btw today i saw there is a update for my galaxy ace...should i update it??i am worried that if i do other problems will arise....do you think i should update the new firmware for my galaxy ace phone??
  13. milanso

    milanso New Member

    I got my Ace on Saturday and it shut down twice, on Saturday and Sunday, then I installed LauncherPro and haven't had a problem since. Maybe it's got something to do with the default TouchWiz launcher. Anyone else tried this?
  14. daolak

    daolak Member

    I installed Launcherpro, and fiddled with it. I also re-enabled sleep mode, and not long after not touching the phone, it shut itself down. So no, i think this workaround doesn't work, at least for me. The Launcherpro is a sweet app though. :)
  15. daolak

    daolak Member

    Well, i installed a new version of the firmware few weeks ago and did not see any problems with it. It should be ok to update.
  16. nz004

    nz004 New Member

    my galaxy ace was turning off unexpectedly every day sometimes even twice a day, but a couple of days ago i downloaded launcher pro, and i havent had any problems with my phone even though i dont use it (i stay on samsung home). Hope this helps.
  17. netcraze

    netcraze Member

    the phone is not turning off, it is the screen that is turning off. You can verify this by dialing to your Galaxy ace. Of course, none of the key responds hence you will not be able to answer that call. You should see the missed call notification though after you restart the phone. I have the latest firmware version. This happens only when the Wifi is turned ON.
  18. TotoyKamote

    TotoyKamote Member

    What do you do after a shutdown? how do you revive the screen? In my case after a shutdown I press powerbutton for 15 seconds++ for a restart. MissedCalls and SMS made during screenblackout did not register in my case.
  19. TotoyKamote

    TotoyKamote Member

    Yes I will =)

    right now I prefer your method of LoadMonitor than the "turn off WIFI" thing. Of course I still turn off my wifi when mobile in favor of 3G/HSDPA. In LoadMonitor method I have the extra confidence that in case I forgot to OFF the WIFI the bug wont bother me. BUT...

    Just now, my galaxy ace shutdown again just once after weeks of LoadMonitor method. Probably the LoadMonitor had a glitch. Still the re-occurence of shutdowns is still way lower than not having the LoadMonitor.

    Settings at hand: (just like you said):
    Check on the ff:
    -Add notification
    -only notify on high load
    -auto start
    -wake lock
    -only screen on

    Maybe a gitch on the autostart function, because I restart my phone every morning. I have the confidence of not checking loading of LoadMonitor after restart. Before hand I manually turn on the LoadMonitor.
  20. Amy01

    Amy01 New Member

    My phone does this as well as some other problems! I have been offered a repair, but can this actually be fixed?

    My phone also has an error with the wifi. Seems the ace has a few problems!!

    Any ideas?
  21. yc_dgan

    yc_dgan Member

    My Galaxy Ace has been thru sleep of death many many times. After I brought it to Samsung service center, they downgraded the firmware from KC1 to KB1. I've never had sleep of death problem since then.

    On the other hand, problems like phone auto-reboot when I wake the phone by pressing home button and wifi error is still there...
  22. eechua

    eechua New Member

    Me too I noticed that my brand new Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 shuts down by itself when I am using the Wi-fi.

    It occurs maybe 2 to 3 hours after I turn on the Wi-fi

    I tried changing the Wifi Sleep Policy to Never and Never when plugged in but still the same result.

    After it shutsdown, I can't turn on using the power button. I have to take out the battery and turn it on.

    1.) I tried emailing Samsung Customer service and this is the reply I got:

    Thank you for contacting Samsung Philippines.

    With regard to your WiFi issue, may we know if there are running applications when phone shuts off? This
    will allow us to isolate what was causing the automatic shut down of your phone...

    Please do not reply back to this email message as this email address is
    used for outbound messages only.


    Samsung Philippines

    // So where will I reply back?

    2.) I tried calling their hotline. After waiting for so long they told me to bring it to there Samsung Mobile center

    3.) When I visited the Samsung Mobile Center, which again made me wait for so long. The person in charge just said that this is the first time they encountered this type of problem. So this is the only option given to me:

    Leave my phone at the Samsung Mobile Center. Processing time will take 5 days plus the observation and repair maybe 1 to 2 weeks.

    So that means I have to back up my data erase everything and cant use my new phone for maybe 2 to 3 weeks...

    I'd like to highlight Samsung's great customer service...
  23. aish_varya

    aish_varya Well-Known Member


    1. this is indeed problem with WIFI
    2. cell freezes randomly and no records of calls and SMSs are updated after the hard reset

    Fix is to use a launcher(in place of default launcher) i used LauncherPro, u can also use Mr. Home or any other launcher
  24. tvkanters

    tvkanters New Member

    Changing the launcher did not work for me. The issue still occurs with ADW Laucher in place.

    Does anyone have a link to the KB1 firmware?
  25. aish_varya

    aish_varya Well-Known Member

    :eek: well this is embarrassing, earlier i posted it did fix the prob, but now im facing the same problem again. though i will say the frequency of cell getting stuck has reduced remarkably. :D

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