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  1. bunk_medal

    bunk_medal New Member

    Maybe there are variations of this bug. Personally the "turn wifi off when you're not using the phone" strategy has worked absolutely fine for me. Hasn't happened for about two months other than one occasion when I forgot to turn wifi off.

  2. error974

    error974 Well-Known Member

    I solved my SOD problem with juicedefender ultimate. It turns off wifi when screen off.
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  3. kuracpalac

    kuracpalac New Member

    5 days no SOD, i turn auto rotate back on, and 2 SOD's in 1 hour :D
    turn it off again and no SOD ever since..
    When the 2nd SOD occured, girlfriend told me she was calling me 3 times and i wouldnt answer..
    i belive that i have a faulty accelerometer.. will try the SD card thing too tho..

    im starting to belive that there might be different causes for the SOD's on different handsets.
    bad motherboard manufacturing maybe?
  4. snorky

    snorky Member

    Hi , I took my 8th phone in 4 weeks back yesterday , the area manager from the outlet was in the shop I have been dealing with and was quite shocked at the constant fault that appears with this hand set , she took my details and said she would attempt to take it up with the UK Samsung rep ! I will let you know if any thing comes of it
  5. pekinesis

    pekinesis Member

    Yep, juicedefender save my battery and solved my sod problem.
  6. lahoof

    lahoof New Member

    I have experienced this problem; it seems to be totally random but happens most frequently just after midnight. It doesn't happen particularly often (maybe once every couple of weeks, or so) so I've just lived with theproblem. I've sort of assumed that it's a software glitch that'll be fixed at some stage.
  7. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

    Hi to everyone, im new in these forums, im from Mexico, and i've been having the same issue with my one-week old samsung Galaxy Ace... i dont remember if it was on day one or two when i had the first SOD. But i've had it about 5-6 times until now... i began searching the internet for some clues about it, and 3g watchdog was mentioned... so i uninstalled that app... that was about 4hrs ago, no SOD yet... but i doubt it will be that easy, I just have to start ruling stuff out... so when the next SOD comes (wich i hope it doesnt, but im almost certain it will) i will turn off wi-fi and only turn it on when need it... after that... i don't know... probably going to costumer service center, and see what they say. (probably, "let us have it for a week, so we can repair it). But i really hope id doesn't come to that i wouldn't want to be left without a smartphone for that long... I will let you guys know how it goes. :)
  8. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

    ohh btw... sorry if this is sort of a dumb question, but im totally new to this smartphone tweaking stuff... when does the official Gingerbread update comes out?? i understand from what i've read that there are some leaked copies around... but i wouldn't want to mess up with my warranty (not with this SOD thing).

    Also are there any threads about issues with kies?? kies doesnt recognize my galaxy ace, and when i start it it shows a window that says: "Failed to initialize services: Intento de leer o escribir en memoria protegida. A menudo, esto indica que hay otra memoria da
  9. snorky

    snorky Member

    my 9th phone went in SOD in the middle of a phone call yesterday !!!!!!. its going back to the shop today for n.o 10
  10. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

    Hi everyone, my phone made it through the night without SOD yay!! :p it
  11. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

    ok... just got SOD after a phonecall :S that was 22hrs after last SOD... that rules out 3G watch Dog.. .
    ok now, going to set Wi-Fi's inactivity settings to "never", let's see how long this "workaround" lasts :) (and let's see if my battery can take it :p)

    I'll keep you guys posted ;)
  12. kuracpalac

    kuracpalac New Member

    havent tryed the sd card thing, but im pretty sure now its the accelerometer that is causing the SOD in my case.
    No SOD since my last post cca 3 days..
    gonna turn auto rotate on for today and see if i get any SOD.. if yes im gonna go get my phone replaced.
  13. snorky

    snorky Member

  14. aditya_bglre

    aditya_bglre New Member

    i got samsung galaxy ace 20 days back ,,, 1 st week it was working fine later it stared to switch off on its own once or twice daily ,,,i took the phone to samsung service center they told sometimes it happens because of missing files on in on phone ,, so they reinstalled the software and they instructed me not to insert the memory card for 2 days ,,, then i used it for one day it again got switched off,,, later no complaint for 2 days ,,, i inserted memory card on 3 day and used wifi it got switched off after some 20 mins ,,, so i inserted a new memory card even then the problem did not resolve,,, dont know what to do ,,, if its a defect from company they should replace the product ,,,, i have thought of filing a consumer complaint (india) any good suggestion will be appreciated ,,,, kindly reply

    with regard's
  15. ijohari78

    ijohari78 New Member

    well iv had the SOD alot....tried rooting - didnt work.

    latest test - ticked the "use static ip" in the advanced wireless settings and so far 24 hours no SOD....hope this is it :)
  16. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

  17. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

    This is interesting, please keep us informed if this works! :)
  18. evgeny9

    evgeny9 Member

    I'm experiencing the same problem: my Galaxy Ace hangs randomly, and for those, who are calling me, I'm just not taking the phone (they hear the long beeps). After restarting the phone I can't see nor messages about missed calls, nor the calls in the call log. So the phone is working for others, but not for me, which is a terrible problem, outbalancing all the advantages of this smartphone.
    From my point of view, this is is a Wi-Fi-related issue. I noticed, that this SODs occur when my phone discovers or, on the contrary, looses a Wi-Fi network, being in the sleep mode (it is set to never turn off Wi-Fi).
    On this forum I found a possible solution (reloading Wi-Fi driver: http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-ace/344570-always-enable-wifi-hanging-issue.html), but, unfortunately, it didn't work out for me.
    I e-mailed to Samsung support, but I'm still waiting for the answer.
    Hope this problem, irritating a lot of users, will be solved soon.
  19. tomjfreeman

    tomjfreeman New Member

    I had the same problem on my galaxy ace so i phoned samsung and they said to take out the battery and the sim card and since doing that the problem has gone.
  20. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

    hi evgeny9, please let us know if you get any response from samsung... speaking of them, does anyone know if samsung has made any official comment regarding SOD? i googled it around and couldn't find anything.

    tomjfreeman, how long have you been without SOD since you removed the battery and the SIM card?

    For me, i have been without SOD for 48hrs now, since i changed my wi-fi inactiviti settings to "never"... let's see if this keeps working, if not, im going to try the removing batery and sim thing :)
  21. evgeny9

    evgeny9 Member

    Hello, pirul83.
    I've already received a response from Samsung. It was fast, but quite useless. They just offer me to make a factory data reset ("possibly, your problem is caused by the faulty OS functioning"). And if it doesn't help (which, as we know, really does not) I should appeal to the local service centre :(
  22. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

    too bad... You would hope that a bigname company like samsung would have addressed this already :S

    I had an SOD last night so, that rules out the "wi-fi inactivity settings to never" work around, but i noticed something this morning, when i get an SOD i removed the microSD card and problem solved... this card is a 8gb SanDisk card i bought used from a friend, I bought it, ereased a few movies my friend had on it and started to use it, i didn't Format it... so that's what im going to do, im going to backup my photos and videos, and format this 8gb card, let's se how that works out :)

    How about you guys, do you have the 2gb microSD that comes with the phone or did you change the card?? maybe that's the issue :)
  23. evgeny9

    evgeny9 Member

    I'm also disappointed, as I hoped this was a known issue for Samsung already.

    Regarding the SD card, I also changed it for the Transcend 16GB. And, as I remember, I didn't format it, too.
    So, pirul83, please, keep us informed, maybe that's the solution for our problem.
  24. trisgo

    trisgo Member

    I got my android x in March. When I first got it, it was f'in cherry. Then I download the new android update last month and it has completly destroyed my phone. The phone shuts off at least 3 times a day, sometimes requiring the battery to be removed. There is now HUGE lag just navigating through the window pains without programs running. My music shuts off every 5-10 when listening off the sd card (not a problem with the task killer). I've tried 3 different pair of headphones. Before I would tether the phone to my computer and get really speedy reliable connections and still be able to navigate the phone. Now the phone will not operate as long as it's tethered. It drops the connection at random (lost connection in the middle of an exam for an online class). Sometimes I have to shut the phone off and than back on in order for it to find the 3g network. Prior to the update, I wanted this phone to have my children. After the update, I get so angry that I just stick in my drawer when I leave the house. I've heard Verizon/Motorola is aware of this problem and are working on an update. I really hope they fix this because the phone went from crem deyla crem to a piece of junk.
  25. pirul83

    pirul83 Member

    Hi people, it's been almost 48 hrs since i format my microsd, and still no SOD, im hoping this is the solution.

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