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  1. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I noticed recently that my Eee Pad screen would randomly turn on briefly and then turn off again. As of late I'm playing a MMO and would occasionally look up stuff on my Eee Pad. I have the Eee Pad docked in the keyboard dock so I can see the screen without holding it. I often let it time out and go to sleep beside me. I noticed that after a while, it would wake briefly and go to sleep again. It happens like once every several minutes maybe. Has anyone also experienced this?

  2. Gaytan

    Gaytan Member

    Yes, mine did too again after the ICS upgrade; installed 'wake lock' again from the Google Play Store; ever since it acts 'normally' again....
    All ICS related... Latest update(s) did not change a bit; am on .21 as well now...

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