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[RANT] CM6 vs Fresh

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  1. Mr. Monkey

    Mr. Monkey Well-Known Member

    I never thought the day would come that I would want to move out of a Sense UI Rom. I decided to try out the CM6RC2 and see what I thought, and I'm surprised how much I like it.

    I haven't given CM6 enough time to try it out, but I have used CM before on my Moto Droid, and loved it. There are things about ADW Launcher that I love. Like the Galaxy S style scrolling, and how you can have up to 8(?) columns and rows, hide the status bar, etc.

    Why oh why can't someone just make a ROM that uses ADW and keeps the Sense clock and weather effects, and toggles? I could live without Friendstream. All I really want is ADW + Sense clock and weather.

    Do any of the Sense style clocks from the market have the cool weather effects that sense uses?

  2. rmmorse81

    rmmorse81 Well-Known Member


    download beautiful widgets. Problem solved
  3. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    dont forget to grab the 4G toggle from xda. you lose that when you lose sense
  4. douknownam

    douknownam Active Member

    I've downloaded beautiful widgets and still like the sense stuff better. Additionally, if someone were to create a better agenda than the sense one would be the only way to get me away from sense. I have yet to find a good looking/scrollable agenda widget (I don't like the agenda widget, lame compared to sense). I may not know of all that is out there, so if someone can recommend something to try, i'd be grateful.
  5. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    I think Android agenda widget is the best out there. Can get it free on the market.
  6. eric3316

    eric3316 Well-Known Member

    CM6 does not offer 4G with that Rom.
  7. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Well-Known Member

    Holy crap, I was going to post something like this myself today!

    I liked CM6 sort of, I liked customizations to ADW Launcher, I really liked ADW itself, but I greatly dislike the aosp dialer and contacts/people I think it's hideous. I really like the HTC clock widget and their dialer and contacts. I like the fact that I can sync it with facebook. Smaller details I didn't like about cm6 was the aosp status bar at the top, how old and lame is that thing, htc's status bar is 10x better!

    I would love to see someone make a rom with the ADW Launcher, being able to make more rows and columns, make the apps tray transparent like cm6, but at the same time be able to use ALL of my HTC Sense goodness. Is there a rom like that already, I haven't found it? Anyone up to the challenge of making it? xD
  8. apcplaza

    apcplaza New Member

    After playing with CM6 Final release I end up going back to Fresh rom.

    CM6 is very smooth and stable but there are just little things I miss on Sense.

    With Sense;
    - my flickr account syncs with the gallery app
    - contacts picture syncs flawlessly with facebook
    - camera tap to focus anywhere on the screen
    - black/more resolution on the notification bar
    - dialer is much better
    - voice recorder
    - fm radio
    - 4G

    To get the CM6 feel I use Launcher Pro Plus as my launcher.
    You need to buy Launcher Pro Plus so you can use the Senselike People, Bookmarks, Calendar/Agenda widgets.

    Launcher Pro
    - 7 homescreens
    - hide notification bar
    - 3D app drawer
    - Number of docks = 3
    - Hide app labels
    - and more...

    For the weather widget I use Beautiful Widgets.
    For the power widget I use Switch Pro.
    For the task widget I use ToDo List Widget.

    I use Dreamlyfe for my theme.
  9. uminchu

    uminchu Well-Known Member

  10. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Well-Known Member

  11. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Well-Known Member

    just found this VatSense Theme for CyanogenMod 5.0.8 6.0.0 | xda-developers

    Going to give it a try, I just installed cm6, kingskernal, gapps and that theme and my screen stopped responding to touch...gonna try to figure which thing I flashed made that happen.

    Edit: it seems kings kernal 8 had a problem with I'm assuming something in the theme? is that possible, I didnt flash it this time around (cm6, gapps and vatsense) and now touch is working again.
  12. uminchu

    uminchu Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's the theme, I think that Kingx is for Sense ROMs and is incompatible with CM6, period. Snap kernels play nice with CM6.
  13. wake69

    wake69 Well-Known Member

    I have some tings i like about sense too, mainly the dialer. Here is my set up:
    Fresh Rom
    Netarchy kernel
    LDC Density Changer at 220
    Launcher pro unlocked for some extra widgets i like, Bookmarks and calendar
    Retro Clock and Retro date from app market for time and date, doesnt do weather, but that doesnt bother me

  14. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Well-Known Member

    Seems like a semi good place to ask this, does anyone have the CM6 wallpapers? I noticed after I flashed it I didn't get only a couple of them for some reason. I flashed a few days ago to try it out and I had a ton of really cool android wallpapers, now they are gone.
  15. Mr. Monkey

    Mr. Monkey Well-Known Member

    Glad to see this got so many hits while I was gone. I ended up switching back to Fresh. CM6 was cool... but I like sense a lot. You guys got a pretty good list of why I prefer Sense, even if it "slows" down my phone.

    ...And if CM6 had working 4g that might help.

    But I would love to see a launcher that works with sense. I think that is all we really need, right? Sense is always on the phone, its just when you switch to a different launcher that it can't use Sense widgets. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but maybe all we need is for the devs of ADW and Launcher Pro to work out the tweaks.

    I'll stick with Fresh, King's Kernel, and Sense for now. :)
  16. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Well-Known Member

    I had read that HTC is possibly looking to put their widgets from sense on the market for purchase. That would be very nice.
  17. bcrtj457

    bcrtj457 Well-Known Member

    this may not be the right place to ask this, but i just flashed CM6 last night. I haven't had much time to look at the formus since then or really even play with it, but I have 2 questions:

    1. Are you able to look at up time vs. awake time ( i looked under about phone- but it seems that the dev changed some stuff on there).
    2. is there a list of different kernals that are compatable with CM6? Or where do I look to find a list of kernals?
  18. uminchu

    uminchu Well-Known Member

    I haven't run CM6 for a couple weeks, so I don't remember where the battery stats are (but CM6 with or without Snap drains my battery faster than any other ROM I've tried). As for CM6 kernels, check into Snap.

    [Kernel] CM6-Snapv8.2 [BFS/UUV/OC/nHAVS] Available Now! New SNAPpapers App! - xda-developers
  19. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Well-Known Member

    If you go into About Phone>Status - scroll to the bottom it shows Up time, but I can't see awake time listed anywhere.

    Well if you read up a little higher I think the guys were talking about the Snap Kernals work with CM6, they also told me that Kings Kernals aren't made to be used with CM6.

    Something you might think about is not using a kernal, i was able to overclock CM6 to 1.12ghz without a different kernal. I just experienced a odd problem with the 8.2nHavs825 kernal, where my phone worked for almost 24 hours then it would reboot itself and stick on the splash screen. Had to wipe dalvik and cache a couple times, then I ended up going to the nHavs950 kernal I think it is. Have to see how that turns out.
  20. bcrtj457

    bcrtj457 Well-Known Member

    If I don't use a kernal....what settings are good for Overclock? I know there has been many many posts about it, but all the information is coming at me for several different posts and i don't know what is good to use with My set up?
  21. uminchu

    uminchu Well-Known Member

    You just have to experiment and find what works for you. The highest number your phone will allow will not necessarily get you the best performance. I'm gathering a general, unofficial, semi-consensus of 1.19 or less. From there, each phone is individual, so you have to plug in different values to find what works best with yours. My phone seems to like 1.15. YMMV.
  22. flukeSG2

    flukeSG2 Well-Known Member

    if you don't use a special kernal and just use SetCPU while using CM6 I got a max of 1.12ghz.

    Edit: My phone with the snap kernal also seems to like 1.15ghz as well.
  23. tardmobile

    tardmobile Well-Known Member

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  24. KewlKat007

    KewlKat007 Member

    Besides the random reboots I started getting during downloading/installing of market apps...etc I really love CM6. They just turned on 4G in my area so I need that 4G, which is not yet supported. I can do without sense...but I'm gonna try Fresh and this other one for 4G.
  25. khaag27

    khaag27 Well-Known Member

    Another thing on CM6 that I am having a issue with.. Where do I go if I wanted to update my prl? I can't find it for the life of me. Maybe I am overlooking it, idk.

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