Rant Thread - What really grinds your gears?

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  1. chris100575

    chris100575 Well-Known Member

    1 - People who say "hence why" or "return / reply back". I have no idea where this came from but it's become so common in the last year or so. While I'm on the subject, the general standards of literacy here in England. I'm sure that there are people in other countries who have English as a second or third language who will have a better grasp of it than people who were born here, and that's something that the nation should be ashamed of.

    2 - Ice cream vans. When I'm sitting in my garden with a book on a summer afternoon, I do not want to be subjected to the first 10 seconds of the "Match of the Day" theme tune every two minutes. I wish they'd ban the ruddy things.

    I sound like such a curmudgeon! :eek:

  2. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation VIP Member

    Grammar Police - I can understand if someone is way off in left field or typing in Ebonics but when you make it a huge issue to point out a simple grammatical error when you know full well what that person is trying to convey, you come off as being a jackazz. It makes it even worse when you back door that with your own grammatical errors.

    Fantasy Baseball Office Guy - I go to work just like you do and no I do not give a rat's azz about the Astro's bullpen era, nor do I care that your lead-off man is hurt for the rest of the year and that you're looking for a replacement. It is not my job to listen to you ramble on about your team when you know damn well I could care less about Baseball. Come talk to me when Football season starts ;)

    Ugly Girlfriends (wingchicks) - Why is it that you have to hate on me when I approach your girl. Is it because I didn't give you the time of day? Before you left the house, you knew what your role was to a tee but now that it's a reality, you refuse to play it. Step to the back, stop cockblocking and maybe just maybe, you can get your shine on too.

    I have a few more but these are the most egregious.
  3. Inno

    Inno Well-Known Member

    Oh I totally agree... another forum I go on has the worst example of that, Captain Pedant we all call him. He seems to revel in it...

    I'm an Astros fan and I don't either! :D
  4. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    - People too lazy to help you help them. I could retire if I got a dollar every time somebody sent me a work order with not even close to enough information. Just what exactly am I supposed to do with "I'm in a different office today and my email is broken". Gee, do you think it might be a good idea to give me the phone number at the desk your using, or at least tell me which office so I could somehow track you down?

    - Morons that don't trust phones to actually transmit their voice. I'm sure most of you know at least one person like this. They usually speak at a normal volume, but as soon as they're on the phone they start bellowing into it. Not only does it annoy everyone around them, but blows out the eardrums of the poor guy on the other end of the call. One person at my work is so bad that I know when somebody 3 cubicles over is on the phone with them; I can hear both ends of the conversation even when it's not on speaker.

    - People with a total lack of respect for anyone around them. This especially includes morons texting and talking on the phone during a movie, people who refuse to take their screaming children outside at restaurants, and who think the world is their crotchfruit's playground.

    - Drivers that treat actually driving their car as the least important thing they are doing at the moment. Never mind that they're swerving all over the freeway, their little snowflake needs you to hand them their baggie of cheerios now.

    If your workplace is anything like mine, you should probably revise that to "IT management / management in general". I'm in IT and myself and the rest of the people that actually do the work are usually thrilled when MS announces they're no longer going to support a product because that's often the only motivation to upgrade that works on managers. A couple of years ago when MS finally ended support for Office 2000 we tried desperately to get them to let us upgrade everyone to 2007. Nope, they were afraid that people would freak out over the ribbon bar and only let us upgrade to 2003. Never mind that many of the users were already using 2007 at home, and that the ones that freak out over changes will do so no matter how minor they are. Honest to god I actually had somebody once ask me how to create a new email because when upgraded Groupwise the "new mail" button got a slight 3D look to it. They saw the slightly changed look and decided nothing they knew would work anymore.
  5. scabbott

    scabbott Member

    Lindsay Lohan really grinds my gears...
  6. Dr. Shady PhD

    Dr. Shady PhD Well-Known Member

    that my K/d ratio on MW2 is only .92
  7. ddoolin

    ddoolin Well-Known Member

    When forum users here have a group mentality as bad as Apple users, and Apple forum members are complete idiots and asshats, usually.
  8. NightAngel79

    NightAngel79 Bounty Hunter Administrator Moderator

    It's Mayer, lol
    people who pronounce my name MEYER instead of how its spelled, MAYER (same pronunciation as mayor)

    And delta frikkin airlines for being a joke and changing my schedule every frikkin 3 months, was 5 8hour shifts, then 4 10hour shifts, now back to 5 8hour shifts, gotta change my fall school schedule AGAIN. Never have time with family
  9. ddoolin

    ddoolin Well-Known Member

    My school just inserted another huge tuition & fees hike (T&F). The 2009 - 2010 T&F was $4,410 for the entire year. Normally, as in the past FOREVER, the tuition has general risen about 5%, but never more. This year, the tuition hiked up about 9 - 10% ($4,807). Ok, well, cool. That sucks, but the budget was cut but tens of millions of dollars. I was fine, I made plans around it, no big deal.

    YESTERDAY, I received my eBill from the school. What's the T&F on my bill? $5,138! A 16% increase in T&F!? TOTALLY unheard of. I already didn't get enough from the school, even though I'm in their bottom 2% of neediest students (EFC of 0, gross income of like $21K-ish). RIDICULOUS. I already had to take out a private loan of $3,000 yesterday just to cover everything, now they throw on more.

    I checked their financial aid site, sure enough they conveniently updated it with the new T&F and also a big huge note in bold about how wait times are going to increase because all the FA office staff is working on a project of "trying" to re-appropriate grants, loans and scholarships. Ri****ingdiculous. Not an e-mail, automated call, or anything. I'm glad I checked my bill, because I never would've known.
  10. ballisticn8

    ballisticn8 Well-Known Member

    spambots are extremely annoying...

  11. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    as opposed to....? thats the proper way to write a sentence... you can use nouns in that way. I am typing to you from my macbook.
  12. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    yeah.. sucks brah'. Mine is $3900 every quarter here at UCLA, it just went up for us too. then parking is $100 per month, rent is $1000 per month, then food. I'm at around $7500 every 3 months for school. or about $23k for the year not including summer session. My roomie is an out of state, he pays 6000 per quarter for tuition alone.
  13. caolan96

    caolan96 Member

    Im pissed about the damn iPhone 4, ive been an iPhone user since day one, and this death grip is driving me frickin' nuts, and the fact that Apple handled it so immaturely.

    I will be returning my THIRD iP4 tomorrow for a Samsung Galaxy S, thanks to some advice from you friendly guys on the forum.

  14. PinkStar26

    PinkStar26 Member

    Number one on my list right now? Being sick at work! Which I am. Right. Now. Blugh.

    I hate:
    - People that ask questions during a movie. "OMG, what happened?" "Who's that?" "Why did they go there?" "She said WHAT?" ERGH.
    - Ego trips. Why do people NEED to be right all the time? I can understand stroking your ego from time to time, and boasting your knowledge on a subject, but to walk around with this giant, super-inflated ego? ALL THE TIME? What an immense turn off.
    - How stupid watching reality TV shows make me. I REALLY hate the fact that I get sucked in on lazy days off... when I could be doing something WAY more productive.
    - Really dumb tourists. When you go on vacation, do you just forget to pack your common sense? WHY???

    I've got more, but i'm too stuffed up to remember. :(
  15. The Andro 2.1 update for cliq & cliq xt update (which is *hoped, not scheduled* for august) is a fraud. Marketing execs are keeping you in suspense until you finally get fed up and abandon your obsolete device that you wasted your money on to buy a new device featuring the latest android versions.

    I am EXTREMELY AND THOROUGHLY disgusted with Motorola and will NEVER purchase a moto device....EVER. I'll stick with HTC from this day forward. Motorola has shown only disinterest in the satisfaction of their customers and incompetence in their own field. What other company releases a device with a retro-version of it's respective OS and the seems to have absolutely ZERO ability to update said device? NONE. Samsung has had a few hang ups, BUT NOT FOR A FREAKING YEAR!

    I'm done with moto, but it pains me to admit that very few people share my disdain or my disinterest in continuing business with such an incompetent company.
  16. hahahahaha. Where is the "holy CRAP i love that post" thread?;)
  17. Tangent

    Tangent Well-Known Member

    I hate that too. The part that I hate is when people decide to show up to work sick and spread their germs all over the place. Stay home where you'll get better faster and leave the rest of us with better odds of avoiding getting sick in the first place!
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  18. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Well-Known Member

    Here is just a small list of things that makes me want to push someone down the stairs:

    1. Left lane a-holes! it is called the passing lane for a reason and there are signs all over our nations highways that state "Keep Right Except to Pass" and "Slower Traffic Keep Right". These as chance would have it are not suggestions. I don't care if I am going 90mph in the left lane, if the car behind me is going faster I will move over! that's what you are supposed to do!! You're not supposed to hang out in the left lane and go under the speed limit! If you look in your rearview and there is a line of cars 1/2 mile long behind you...YOU are in fact an A-Hole!!! MD is the worst state for this BTW followed closely in second place by NY!

    And P.S. if I am in the left lane and you are in the middle lane and I am clearly going faster than you yet you move over in front of me anyway and do not accelerate, it is not actually you who gets to give me the finger genius...you cut me off!!! Think about it!!!

    2. Woot! Not the website that sells overstocks and refurbs at a reduced price, but the phrase "woot"! Really??? Do we not have enough words to express joy, happiness or excitement that we need to create more?? Enough!!!

    3. Skinny Jeans on people who shouldn't wear them! If you button these pants and it looks like you have an innertube under your shirt??? CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES!!! Wear something that fits!!!

    4. Belly shirts on people who shouldn't wear them!! See #3!!!

    5. People who refuse to lower their window when at a drive through or toll!! What is with this phenomenon?? Is it really easier to drive a little bit passed the window and open your door and try to reach over it or back a little?? WTF ARE YOU DOING?????? Lower the window, that's what it is there for!!!

    6. People in the airport talking so loud either via bluetooth or straight into the phone!! We get it, you're a big shot!!! Nobody cares about your quarterly reports, nobody cares that you are going to a Bulls game when we land in Chicago and nobody cares (no matter how cute YOU think it is) what your damn kid did!!!!

    7. People who STILL don't know which side of the car their gas tank is on!! REALLY?? Look at the gas gauge people...there's an arrow that tells you if you can't remember which side its on!! Holy S**T!!!

    8. People who do not discipline their kids obnoxious, nasty behavior!! No I do not have kids, but common sense says that you are establishing a pattern of behavior with no fear of consequence...for the future read: no friends, discipline problem in school, the office jerk, etc...

    9. The NJ Devils!!! :D:D

    10. Deli's who cut their meat too thick to put on my sandwich!! I have all my teeth and they work...if I need to bite down and pull the sandwich out of my mouth, you probably should have sliced the meat thinner!! ASS!!!

    Thanks!! :cool:
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  19. navin

    navin Active Member

    Freakin Brett Favre and how he dominates all sports media this time every year. Such a drama queen!!!
  20. JQwerty91

    JQwerty91 Well-Known Member

    You know what grinds my gears? Asians, Indians, or old people that drives 35 on the highway when it says on the sign 65 and then I would either have to tail gate them to make them drive faster or cut them. I know, that was very stereotypical, and hypocritical since I too am Asian but thats what I face everyday when i'm on the road. :mad:
  21. ArmlessRifleman

    ArmlessRifleman Well-Known Member

    ...When you can't find the Droid's you're looking for....

    (pun intended)
  22. 1. My girlfriend refuses to send me topless pictures even though I've seen her topless many, many times.

    2. Unnecessary Apple hate. It really makes no sense and seems to be reserved only for those who can't afford Apple products. There's the honest detractors who find that PCs, Android phones, etc. etc do more for what they need than an Apple product. But then there's the people who scream "APPLE SUX! IFAIL!" and make no other contributions other than the fact that Steve Jobs is evil. If you don't like a product, don't buy it. That easy.

    3. Having said that, I hate Apple stores. Want to walk into one room that contains more pretentious douche bags than your local indie film festival? Go to an Apple store. And have they ever heard of these magical things called COUNTERS??

    4. Owen Wilson's voice. It pisses me off so much that I can barely stand to watch any movie that he is in.

    5. Last summer I was able to lose 60 pounds with no effort in about 4 months. Now I've barely been able to lose 5 in the last 5 weeks with maximum attention payed to it.

    6. The fact that I cannot find a job before school starts.

    7. The fact that my sister is 22, unemployed, dropped out of community college and does nothing all day and can't get a job before death starts.
  23. killadanny

    killadanny Well-Known Member

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  24. RozzaC

    RozzaC Well-Known Member

    Looking for jobs is a major pain in the ass!!
  25. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    Rant threads really grinds my gears! :p

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