Rant Thread - What really grinds your gears?

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  1. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    I have one nightgown pattern she loves. I must have made at least 20 of them and no 2 have been the same. I embroider, quilt, etc.
    Same with shirts. I can colorblock. The rest of the family likes fleece vests.
    Those get customized, too. Since I can digitize, I can have what I want.

    Plus if I make it, it lasts for quite a few years. We have some sweatshirts that are at least 10 years old. No shrink, no fade, no rip. Still wearable.

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  2. melim

    melim Disabled

    Moronic landlords who don't realize that if you don't pay the company that picks up the garbage, they will stop picking up the garbage. We have a small landfill behind our building now. Oh, and the other people who live here who don't seem to care about this at all, so I'm the only ahole complaining. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  3. richphitzwell

    richphitzwell Well-Known Member

  4. LOveWerks

    LOveWerks Well-Known Member

    I saw this observation on a bumper sticker, back in the '80s:

    "There is no gravity. The world sucks."
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  5. richphitzwell

    richphitzwell Well-Known Member

    Lol love it
  6. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    I love it!
  7. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Here's what grinds my gears, baby blues doesn't hang out in the forum games anymore!

    No, what really grinds my gears are inconsiderate people. But then I feel like I'm being inconsiderate towards the original inconsiderate people, and it creates this negative loop. Very close to perpetual motion, but not motion. Perpetual negativity. Or something like that.
  8. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Awww. Thanks. I'll be back.
  9. pinkelephants

    pinkelephants Member

    I HATE my trig teacher. She called my parents because I'm not doing so good, now EVERYDAY for the past month all I've been hearing from my parents is "Go study" 500 times a day. Its really annoying, and now no PS3, no social life, no track team because of this teacher. Im doing good in every class but trig & I'm really mad.

    EndRant :)
  10. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member


    I hear ya though, kids don't appreciate the time they have as youth, but then you grow up and now you need more time just to complete everything. As is life.
  11. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Thats Rob's post from page 1 .So it's spam (probably) :p
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  12. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Damnit! So I just fell victim to spam bait? Well that surely grinds my gears!

  13. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    My grades grinds my gears. All A's and then BAM a D.

  14. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    I hear ya. Our One of our butlers who is responsible for his staff in the east wing only had $125,000.00 for Christmas gifts this year. And that was nearly one quarter of his bi-yearly bonus. The cost of scotch has gone up to $4,000.00 per bottle so I had to make due with only 12 cases this year.

    Things will improve when I fire people this year. Better they suffer than I stop drinking the good stuff. I hear the truly poor must get by with 40 year old scotch and that is no way to live.

    Things will get better. I found a roll of hundreds in my sock drawer.

    Apparently you did not download the right thesis from the net.

  15. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday VIP Member

    The really "painful" feeling you get after watching an absolutely fantastic movie or finishing a really good book.
  16. RottnJP

    RottnJP Well-Known Member

    "Youth is wasted on the young."
    - George Bernard Shaw

    Might be my epitaph.
  17. RottnJP

    RottnJP Well-Known Member

    No turkey daiquiri's? Yer not even tryin'.
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  18. erikiksaz

    erikiksaz Member

    When people linger in the passing lane, slowing surrounding traffic.
  19. Tbirmann

    Tbirmann New Member

    What is pissing me off is also something that I think is un-ethical!
    I recently got the HTC AMAZE (eh). I have Tmobile of course, and since I switched from My G2, they are telling me I now have to pay for WiFi tethering. I was doing it for over a year for free with the G2. That really isn't the point though...
    The Un-ethical part from what I can tell is that they are charging extra for nothing! If the tethering plan added more allowance at full bandwidth, then fine. Now I have 2GB before I get "throttled back". (don't get me started on "unlimited, i digress). I could see charging if a tethering plan boosted that to 4 or 5 GB per month.
    But what TMO is charging for is $14 a month for NOTHING. If I use 2G of traffic a month via the phone I don't pay any extra. Now if I decide to use that same 2G through a laptop what should they care. It is still 2Gigs! Does it matter what device(s) use it!?
    I feel like this is something that we are going to hear a "class action suit" about soon. I pay for data and I should be able to allocate that amount any way I want. I don't understand what the $14 is for! HTC made the feature and Android did the programming, I bought those when I dropped the cash for the phone. Why should I pay Tmobile for my right to use those features.
    I wish I could start this as a totally new thread.
    Anyone agree!?
  20. harmless_abuse

    harmless_abuse Well-Known Member

    I doubt anyone on here would disagree.
  21. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    I recently saw a TV program about the Las Vegas real estate boom and bust. Apparently, in LV (likely every other place) this can happen:

    You are reading the paper and there is a knock on your door. It is the Constable. He is there with an immediate eviction notice; it is called a "forced eviction." You paid your bills and you paid your rent, but your building owner did not, so the bank is foreclosing and the coppers are there to toss you out.

    You cannot find a place to live, you have little cash to pay first/last month's rent, no friends to help you move your stuff, and perhaps no cash for a security deposit. Anyone else see the program?

    You have 20 minutes to gather your stuff. According to the program, they must allow you to grab a change of clothes and prescription medicine.

    You are not allowed to move your stuff out. You have 20 minutes and that is that. The program showed a locksmith changing the locks. Granted, there is perhaps something more to the problem and the renter is protected in some way. I do not know. The show, as presented, just pissed me off for some reason.

    I can see evicting dead beats, but apparently, things you have no control over could force you our of your apartment even if you pay your rent on time. I hope the program is old and this issue has been addressed by those in charge.

    Hey landlords on the list: is this typical or perhaps the way it has always been?

    This grinds my gears.
  22. Mada

    Mada Well-Known Member

    I don't get it....?
  23. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    Let me ask you this: was/is tethering specifically allowed by your carrier? I am not clear on that.

    Forget bandwidth, what you did in the past, and what you think you should be allowed to do. All that matters is this: does/did your contract specifically allow tethering? In many (if not most) cases, tethering is not allowed. Your contract terms and conditions define your rights, not your opinion or theory about what you think you should be able to do. Rights is a bad word because you have few rights. You are tied to your carrier for several years and if you do not like it, you pay a huge fee to leave.

    You are a prisoner in most cases. If you do not like it, they will drop you or you will drop them; regardless, they will get their kilo of flesh.

    All carriers hate tethering because it does use bandwidth (a limited and finite resource) and they have data plans they want to sell.

    Tethering apps are leaving Google and not allowed in iTunes. At least that is according to Mr. Google.

    A Class action suit might work, but it might never see the inside of a court if you cannot provide a compelling reason why a class action suit should be allowed to go forward. I think these kinds of actions require approval and/or certification. Bob is not a lawyer.

    The fact is, you should know what is in the TOS of the contract you read and signed. That is what is what is important. Chances are if the judge knows you purposely violated or ignored the terms of the contract you signed, the case will never see a court room. Bob is not a lawyer.

    I am not allowed to tether my phone, for example. A root and a free DL of Barnacle makes tethering available to me. Not allowed, but available. I am not allowed to use my phone for business. Should I obey the fine print, or should I say up yours to my carrier? Frankly, when I learned that I could not "legally" use my cell for business, I was taken by surprise. Not sure most users of my carrier know that this is a rule and in the agreement they signed with the carrier.

    Seems that if unauthorized tethering became wide-spread, everyone's costs would rise. It is quite obvious that if you can tether you can avoid extra costs for Internet access and in this climate, I can see the appeal. But I can also see that if your carrier imposed a set limit before you are charged, perhaps you should be allowed to allocate that limit as you see fit. If this happens, chances are many would revolt at the huge cell bills.
  24. LOveWerks

    LOveWerks Well-Known Member

    I'll make this quick, as opposed to my normal impressions of James Michener's writing style (Yawwwnn)... Asurion - the warranty provider for Sprint (and everybody else, save Apple, Blackberry and Palm) sends me a replacement Evo 4G on the 17th... the buttons are stiff, and erratic in their operation... there's no 3G/Data (that one was on Sprint)... and the phone's reception, and clarity is awful... on the 26th - I go to a local Sprint retailer... I raise hell, spend about two-and-a-half hours at that retailer, demanding a new phone... they get Asurion on the line, who promise me an EVO 3D, to make up for the defective phone, and late shipment... I say, "Yes - that'd be great." They promise Monday delivery... that doesn't happen... Tuesday comes, and I receive ANOTHER EVO 4G... I get on the phone to Asurion, and end up with a customer service rep on speakerphone, who was completely rude... I threaten him with my attorney, and Sprint on conference call... he gets a Resolution Specialist on the line... she concurs that I was, in fact, supposed to get an Evo 3D... she said that the person I spoke with 'had a difficult time finding out that information', and that she and his supervisor were to have a 'meeting'... she promises to overnight the phone... I still had to call back THREE times before they could give me a tracking number... today... the...
    EVO 3D finally arrives . Brand-spanking-new, made in Taiwan - instead of a 'refurb' from The Philippines... and... I'm finally satisfied.

    Life Lesson from this: Remember that your rights DO NOT end, where a corporation's rights begin. Fight the good fight - be, unabashedly, politically incorrect - and, most of all:
    "Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." - John F. Kennedy

    As always,
    BBone ;)
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  25. Bob Maxey

    Bob Maxey Well-Known Member

    Many do, my friend. Just never give up.

    I started pushing a broom and eventually became a professional photographer. I expressed an interest in the darkroom and eventually took over a custom processing lab. I learned my craft and I'll tell you quite honestly, I was (am, is, are) better than many working professional photographers. Certainly better in the lab making fine quality prints. These days, everything is Photoshop and luck and endless numbers of shots hoping to get a good one.

    I, on the other hand, took a number of images of structures filled with people and I eliminated the people with just a few large format shots and no PS or silver based printing tricks. Not magic, it was routine. Something experience gives you. I remember applying for a job with the Utah Historical Society. They had just purchased hundreds of thousands of glass plate and nitrate negatives from my employer. They wanted a printer capable of getting the best out of those negatives. I was not hired because I did not have a photography degree.

    The person they went with was a slob. She was ignorant and useless. She had no skills. I, on the other hand worked with those images daily and I was a master printer.

    Sadly, my skills are not wanted these days. There are no banquet cameras, no dye transfer printers, (a few, but no materials) and fewer and fewer labs printing high-quality prints in a darkroom. The camera store is a thing of the past and Kodak has stopped making 99.9999% of the stuff they once produced. Not it is digital, a clearly "inferior" way to go in many cases. When people lower their standards, inferior means less than it once did.

    I am an avid stereo photographer but I am often told I do not know squat. So part of the problem are those Young Turks that are hired and they know very, very, very little. Many lack problem solving abilities.

    Some of us live long enough to see the end. Our perfected skills matter not one GD bit because technology has moved on. The smart ones tend to plan for it and learn new skills. I do not like losing writing gigs because I am not also an expert web designer or because I do not know JAVA or something else. In my day, writers wrote and production people put the crap together. Now days, great web designers are hired and their writing suffers.

    Everything I perfected is obsolete except for basic underlying principals.

    Enough back patting; the truth is what it is.


    My advice to you is not to give up. Certainly there must be a job and the slow ecconoimy is not forever. Make sure when you are hired, you give your all to your employer and make yourself invaluable. Here in Utah, a few local temp agency managers complain about incompetent people or people that lack basic skills. Many have jobs, but they cannot fill them. I know for an absolute fact that I could rise tomorrow, eat some eggs, find a job and be home for dinner. Not that I am smart, I just know that employers want skills.

    I started soldering connectors and stuffing PC Boards in a production facility and eventually I became a technical writer and joined the training department. This lasted through my days with Megahertz, USRobotics, 3Com, Palm, MSL. I would NEVER, EVER be hired to do the things I mastered and the job I did. The reason: no degree. I'm a relatively smart and talented guy hampered by a lack of credentials.

    I started at the bottom and went to the top in every case. I have always had jobs I would never be hired to do.

    Perhaps it is different these days. What ticks me off are the writing jobs I could not land because I lacked the credentials. All the while taking assignments to do things the staff members were not capable of doing. Hard to swallow not being not hired to do jobs I am hired to do because those that are hired cannot do the job.

    Ah, the circle of BS continues.

    Regardless, keep looking and good luck. Companies need employees.
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