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  1. Vlad Tepes

    Vlad Tepes Member

    Does anyone know of a way to download rapidshare files on Moto Droid 2.2?

  2. whenbrokenx

    whenbrokenx Member

    As far as i know they should download as normal. Just click the file like you would on your computer, it should download, then you just need a file manager program like androzip to view them. They should be downloaded in a folder named "download" which is located on the root of your SD card.
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  3. Krisis

    Krisis Member

    I think Rapidshare has you enter a captcha, which you don't often see in the corner. Once you enter the captcha, it should allow you to download the files unless they are in .apk format (not handled well by some programs). Either search for the file as zip, or use a different browser to download the apk.
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  4. Vlad Tepes

    Vlad Tepes Member

    Thanks guys, but what happens is a few bytes get downloaded and called complete. I'm using Dolphin HD and Androzip. I'm thinking rapidshare is windows based and therefore needs an .exe downloader.

    Its probably a lost cause but it seems like rapidshare has everything I'm looking for and I don't really have access to a CPU.
  5. udim2004

    udim2004 New Member

    same problem here.... after clicking on download tab, it says "file will be dowloaded" on my HTC Wildfire running andro 2.2.1 but downloads something around 250kb & says download complete whereas the original file was meant to be 6mb.
  6. udim2004

    udim2004 New Member

    Hey man....If Rapidshare is the site u wanna download from, just tap & hold on the download link for a sec, you will see some options... scroll down to get "save link".... your download will start & will not stop in the midway... There might be a pop up stating the file extension as unrecognizeable. Ignore & continue downloading. After completion of download, go to file manager -> downloads -> downloaded file & rename it with the correct file extension. Hope this works...has worked on my HTC Wildfire... Cheers..

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