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    Jul 28, 2012
    Hello There! My Name is Steve Page!

    My new company is located at RapidWebs Organization . We are developing everything from software for pc and linux, as well as server software, and many other solutions. We also have some video games planned for both PC, MAC, LINUX, and most importantly ANDROID.

    You can check out the "about us" page for a detailed list of everything we will be working on. Most importantly, we will be working on Android Apps for the Google Play market! :)


    We are hard at work on a new Cloud File server titled, Rapid Upload. This app will allow many new things to be done with the cloud that normally are not offered by the industry standard!

    What is makes RapidUpload special? It is not meant to be a secure storage area for your personalized use. RapidUpload is the birth child of what used to be the need for a public domain file storage facility. Remember MegaUpload? Well RapidUpload allows you to upload files to our servers, where you get a URL that you can drop into any website, any post, any page, any time, any where. Use the servers to stream video or music. Use HTML and JavaScript to create a fancy download page for your file. Anything you could dream of really.

    RapidUpload has finally reached a stable version, and you download, for free, RapidUpload Free version as well as a paid version without any limitations or ad's


    Rapid Chat was our first released app, and is currently released for free on the google market place.

    This app allows you to login to an IRC style chat room, where you can create your own channels, set operators, use functions like /kick /ban and so much more.

    Eventually, RapidUpload and RapidChat are planned to be seamlessly integrated together, as well as any other software we are making.


    RapidWebs is also looking for new talent. We are currently seeking graphics artists, sound artists, and maybe a website designer as well! If you are interested, check out our Jobs page on our website.

    We will keep this thread updates with updates to our apps, as well as any new releases, or possible new job positions available at our company.

    We thank you guys for allowing us to make this post here, we think this has the chance to benefit not only us, but people possibly looking to enhance their portfolio and make a quick buck as well. Thank you!

    Links & Websites

    About Us: About - RapidWebs


    CEO: steven@rapidwebs.org
    Sales: sales@rapidwebs.org
    Jobs: aphenicus@rapidwebs.org

    Products / Downloads: Products - RapidWebs

    Company Website (Mobile Version): Mobile Site

    RapidUpload Official Website: http://rapidupload.us

    Download RapidUpload Free from Google Play: RapidUpload free on Google Play


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    Jul 28, 2012
    Official RapidUpload Website Released!

    We have officially launched the new website for RapidUpload!

    This website fully supports desktop browsers, and mobile. This website is also in blog format. This is so users may use their existing social media website login information to comment and post on our blog to articles we create regarding RapidUpload.

    We plan to also make some posts here and there regarding the file sharing business so that we can try to bring in additional traffic from the web.

    Any ways, we hope that you take the time to check out our website for our up and coming free file hosting and cloud server software for Android and PC - RapidUpload

    You may also check out the new cloud file index - the page which lists all files currently hosted on the cloud - by navigating to this page: Directory list

    Please post any questions, and any suggestions here or on our websites and/or forums. Thanks!
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    Jul 28, 2012
    RapidUpload Free has been Released!

    We have released both the free version and the paid version of RapidUpload to Google Play (as well as some other websites such and Android Zoom) and we were hoping we could use this to entice users to potentially browse to our website and to take a better look at what we have to offer.

    Remember, we are looking for some new talent to add to the developer team, could that person be you?

    RapidUpload Free on Google Play

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