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  1. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    I figured I'd start a thread for people to share with the rest of the community on how their spectrum runs. Since some of us are not having many issues (if any) and others seem to be having tons of problems, I wanted to find out if the good phones or the buggy phones are the majority.

  2. tml478

    tml478 Member

    I love the phone. The only issue I have is call quality. I found that because of the speaker placement you can't rest the phone on your shoulder when you talk. Not really an issue more of a design flaw. I had to pick up the extended battery because I can't put the phone down lol. Overall good phone. I work for verizon so I can upgrade every 3 months on my demo line. Before this I had a razr which was great but you can't beat the spectrum screen resolution makes the razr look horrible. I just wish we had more dev support. I am a crack flasher and I need my fix :)
  3. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    i dont have the call quality issue but I use speaker phone for pretty much every call i make. I did do some testing with speaker phone off and i moved the phone in all sorts of funny positions and the person on the other end said they heard me fine the whole time.

    I would like to have the mugen 4000mh battery but just cant afford it right now. Thankfully I work at home and that allows me to get through the day. I just wish i could listen to tunein radio more because that app sucks the battery on any phone. I can get through the day with pandora though.

    My sister has a razr and you are right about how much better the screen on the spec is. And it's not just the resolution, the colors are spot on as well. The razr had a yellow tint to things.

    we will have more dev support soon. We have one dev who is working behind the scenes but has yet to release anything, (looking at you death!) and we just got another one on board! So I think by the end of it all we may end up with 5 or 6 roms.
  4. badrsj

    badrsj Well-Known Member

    Love the device matches hardware for SGS2, the sound quality issue for me is solved by paying attention to speaking closer to the mic. Due to the size of the device it is easy to have more than optimal distance from mic.

    We do have good development work i'm progress.
  5. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    we are slowly getting more dev support as we have already recruited death 2all110, weblexa, and we have another dev whom wants a devic e to develop for us so we are getting there! overall IM happy with my spectrum as the display is amazing and the video recording quality is sick. the in in call volume can be relieved by speaker phone or how you hold it. the only thing I'm bothered by is reboots but I can live with them as long as they don't become to frequent.
  6. Nokoko

    Nokoko Well-Known Member

    I love mine. Rarely reboots, hardly ever lags running BO 3.0 at 1.6 on demand, battery lasts all day unless I'm using excessively which is fine by me; I don't see the point of having a battery that lasts longer than 12-14 hours, most people have a chance to plug in by then and it recharges very fast. I've flashed BO since 1.0, tried out Eclipse, reverted to stock to try the OTA and then back to BO, do app & data restores thru TB Pro each time, 100s of apps at once, never had the excessive rebooting problems (even when using ADW ;)). Only call quality issues I've had were on Eclipse, never really figured out why but flashed back and forth between BO and Eclipse several times, talked to the same person in the same location and it was horrible on Eclipse. Stock drives me nuts but with BO I'm very happy I got this phone!

    We also got both ours at a Verizon store...

    My husband doesn't use his much besides texting and calls, and with wifi and data off his battery lasts days. He's also running BO, but standard, no OC'ing or battery/power management apps at all. He also doesn't have any reboots.
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  7. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    Love it Love it Love it!!!! Worth every penny of the 199.99 at verizon the week it came out. Actually stumbled upon it, went in to buy another device with a different operating system. I was wanting another LG to replace my Ally with, but wasnt impressed by the Revo, and the Spec just happened to be sitting on the sales rep desk. The has just gotten it that day and was checking it out. After playing with it, and the whatever the new HTC was I picked the Spec. NO REGRETS!!!!! No reboots, runs nice , smooth, and cool at 1.8GHz! Everything i need to function on the device functions perfectly, call quality is fantastic along with signal strength and quality. The 4g is amazing when i am able to use it. Love B.O 3.0 and lack of dev support really doesnt bug me too much. With the minimal following and dev support, i almost feel like part of an exlusive club!!
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  8. IMUcarmen

    IMUcarmen Well-Known Member

    Nice post everyone! really good feedback. Keep em coming everyone.
  9. droid-man

    droid-man Well-Known Member

    I absolutely love mine. Best fone I've had to date, albeit only my third "smart"/android fone. Had a Droid One a Sammy Fascinate and then this one. Running BO 3.0 with CPU Msster (no OC) and Easy Battery and it will go all day with moderate use using an aftermarket "made in China" battery from eBay, supposedly 1970mAh; it definitively lasts longer than stock battery and is the same physical size. Now, I'm just waiting for one of the devs to give us a stable ICS ROM! Then it will be a truly awesome fone...
  10. MrB206

    MrB206 Well-Known Member

    lol I still have my OG Droid. I like to power it on sometimes to remind me how far phones have come.
  11. str8blkcoffee

    str8blkcoffee Active Member

    I love mine bought through Amazon of $19.00 and got in on the 2x data special so Im getting 4G for the price of 2G.

    AWESOME screen rez. I was showing someone a video and they brought out their phone to see the same video and put it away in shame. I've had another exclaim "Holy crap look at the clarity of the sceen!" Yes I am very much in love with the screen quality.

    I swear folks have screen envy when I pull mine out. pppttt iPhone sufferers may have Siri (big whoop) 10k different case options and sucky iTunes but I got a ginormous screen. All the girls like to crowd around and hold it too! I swear. Ok, not really but they want too! I can read it in their hungry eyes as they glance from the paltry little screen to my huge "It takes two hands to hold the Whopper" screen. They're like wow! check out the size of that screen, I want one...

    Call quality is good, I can switch to conference and suffer no loss of quality, most times the other caller doesn't know. The whole hold it on the shoulder and talk thing was getting me but once I learned to click the screen off button before I am not randomly dailing numbers during my conversation. It isn't the easiest to hold this way anyway.

    The lack of cases had me in a quandry until I was given a heads up by IMU on a cheap case on Amazon and it is fantastic. There is a thread about it somewhere. Anyway I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it lol Am I being too cheesey?

    The only cavet is the battery sucks. Well the screen sucks the battery actually but this is the price to pay for having such a freaking AWESOME screen.

    But the battery does suck and that big screen needs POWA so I bought a larger battery and have gotten used to swapping batteries when I surf or work it out hard. I also keep a charger @ my office and in my truck. The new battery came with a charger that will charge both the battery and the phone at the same time which is convienent. The good thing is the battery can be replaced. Try that with a Razr.

    I also like the sd card deal. It is nice to be able to drop in a 32G card and not be limited by what a company thinks you will want (or quickly outgrow and buy latest innovation).

    So yeah i like my phone :)

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