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    Hello everyone! As the denizens of the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S III Watering Holes know, I like to put together news link posts from various well-known and some lesser known tech and gaming blogs each day as a service to my AndroidForums friends. Recently it was suggested that I make a dedicated thread for these compilations, so here we are! I invite anyone to comment here on any items posted, I'd love to have lively daily discussions about news developments.

    I also run a little tech blog where I put up these roundups along with lots of other posts, it's called Call to the Bullpen. Anyone is more than welcome to follow the blog and its pages on various social media networks.

    Call to the Bullpen
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    All previous roundup posts (search):
    In the OP here, I'll keep a link to the most current news post so that it won't get lost:
    Thursday, October 11, 2012

    Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy! :)

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    This is so awesome! Great job Razor!! :thumbup:
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    Uh oh...someone went to the dark side????
    Awesome for the RSS!! Subscribed!
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    Great job ! Thanks for the link!
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    Woah, that one with the guy stealing the iPhone, PEOPLE THESE DAYS!!

    Anyhow this is great stuff man, good job
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    Subscribed :)
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    Many thanks! Subscribed ;)
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    Thanks, Razor, always look forward to the "LOL Wut?" posts and this one certainly didn't disappoint. ;):D
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    Maybe it's just me, but personally, i think that as razor is providing this service out of the goodness of his heart, this should be stickied for more exposure. But that's just my opinion.
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    Thanks again Razor !!! Have you gone Green ( Guide ) since I last saw you ?
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    Indeed, it just happened :)
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    Well Congrats my friend !! Thanks for putting my morning tech paper all in one place ;):D
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    Thanks, and you're welcome ;)
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    Well deserved RS :D
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    Tech Roundup, October 9

    Today's Headlines:
    Next Nexus rumors:
    More LG Nexus pictures surface with specs attached | Android and Me

    NenaMark Benchmark Confirms Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor of the LG Nexus, Screen Resolution Too – Droid Life

    Here are 48 photos taken by the "Mako," aka LG Nexus | Android and Me

    If you haven't been following along: LG's Nexus - here's what we know so far | Android Central


    SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: October 9, 2012 - SlashGear

    Copyright Scofflaws Beware: ISPs to Begin Monitoring Illicit File Sharing | Threat Level | Wired.com

    Google Play now lets you sample in-app purchases before you buy | 9to5Google

    Google releases Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to AOSP, coming to Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus | BGR

    3G Security Flaw Could Let Anyone Track Your Phone | Mashable

    32GB Nexus 7 rumored to ship October 24th | BGR

    Verizon HTC Droid Incredible X pops up at certification forum, inadvertently confirms existence - Engadget

    Samsung officially announces the Galaxy Music | Android Authority

    Over 60% of Android malware hides in fake forms of popular apps | TheNextWeb

    AT&T Unwrapped 2012: the carrier previews its smartphones and tablets for the holidays | The Verge

    Motorola devices getting ICS: Droid Xyboard 8.2 & 10.1, Xoom 2 WiFi, Xoom 2 Media Edition | Android Authority

    Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and others join forces to launch new Web standards resource | TheNextWeb

    UK to be 5G 'playground' as Huawei, Samsung and Telefonica set up joint research facility - GigaOM

    Apple and Google Spent More on Patents Than on Research and Development Last Year | 9to5Mac

    "Kings of YouTube" will give syndicated series to the most popular viral videos — paidContent

    Groupon, Zynga Worst-Performing Stocks of the Year - G4tv.com

    Apps and Tech:
    Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android launches with new fraud detection feature, improved Web standards support | TheNextWeb

    Android users outraged over Motorola's broken promise | Mobile - CNET News

    Do the Rooting Without Unlocking the Bootloader on Galaxy Nexus | MobileSpect

    Developers Provide Working CM10 Alpha for Motorola DROID X2 – Droid Life

    Google Adds Tons of Language Input Tools to Gmail | TheNextWeb

    NextCall keeps track of your calls to contacts, reminds you when it's time to call someone | Lifehacker

    AOKP's Kangerator App Will Make Sure You Have the Newest Build Available – Droid Life

    Lookout Security releases major update: find lost or stolen phone even with dead battery, and more | AndroidTapp

    Norton Utilities & Task Killer: Performance boost for your Android | Android Authority

    Zooper Widget for Android – Weather, Battery Info, and More in a Minimal Look – Droid Life

    5 Best Android Applications for Photographers | MobileSpect

    Wave - a sweet Live Wallpaper app for Android, make your background like PlayStation 3 | AndroidTapp

    Nikon's Android-Powered Coolpix S800c Camera Goes Up on Amazon for $350 – Droid Life

    Best big-screen TV values under $1,000 | TV and Home Theater - CNET Reviews

    Most Popular Headphones: Grado Labs SR80i | Lifehacker

    A Google-a-Day Puzzle for Oct. 9 | Wired.com

    Gaming and Miscellany:
    Mobile News Wrap-Up: October 9, 2012 | GameTrailers

    Mobile Game Trailers: Coming soon to Android | Android and Me

    Rigonauts Finally Arrives on Android - 2 Week Verizon Exclusivity, Snapdragon Phones Only | Android Police

    First cinematic game teaser rolls out for new action-RPG Arcane Legends | AndroidSPIN

    Gameloft Releases Trailer for Zombiewood, Coming This Halloween – Droid Life

    iOS hit Piyo Blocks 2 from Thumbstar Games coming to Android next week | DroidGamer

    Square Enix Defends the Surprisingly High Pricing of Their iOS/Android Games | Kotaku

    Borderlands 2 Mechromancer busts out early, available today for Xbox 360 | Joystiq

    Why Mobile Social Games Are Just as Vulnerable as Zynga | TechCrunch

    Andru charger joins the dark side on October 11 | Phandroid

    Video Game Orchestra: Castlevania at the symphony | Crave - CNET

    AOL re-releases Games.com with focus to mobile browser gaming | Android Authority

    November Is Free Wi-Fi Month in New York and San Francisco Courtesy of Windows 8 | TechCrunch

    Today's "lolwut?" column brought to you by IHateMyTreo from the Galaxy Nexus Watering Hole!
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    Did everyone get to see last night's post? I gotta work on finishing them earlier :p
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    Sorry all, no post tonight - giving myself the night off to play Pokemon Black 2 :)
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    OH NO!!!! I'm kidding. Real life is more important. We will await tomorrows.... if there will be one.. :p;)
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