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  1. gynormus

    gynormus Well-Known Member

    I've been having lagg with my RAZR HD, I am on Jelly bean 4.1.1 and even back on ICS i had lag when swiping through the screens, opening folders and scrolling through the app drawer, it doesn't happen that often but it does enough to bug me. Also on the swiping though screens part sometimes it will freeze up for a second or two.

    Am i the only one with this issue?

  2. PresTeeJ

    PresTeeJ Member

    I've got the same issue. Had it on ICS and now on JB as well. I try to use task killer a few times a day and it seems to help. I just wished so many apps didn't open themselves up in the background without me even touching the phone.
  3. 007shark

    007shark Well-Known Member Contributor

    Are you using the stock launcher? I have been using Nova Launcher and don't have any lag.
  4. seVer

    seVer Well-Known Member

    app killers are actually worse for your phone, and have been since 2.3.

    best bet is to find out what app is causing the lag and get rid of it. try booting into safe mode and see if it's still an issue. if not, then a 3rd party app is definitely causing it. if you have a SD card, try removing that too.
  5. Xelios

    Xelios Well-Known Member

    I've heard of people's phones being locked to a low processor frequency when they updated. I don't suppose you're rooted to check this?

    If not, try wiping your cache if you can in the boot menu. Turn it off, volume up+power and hit recovery. Volume down navigates the menu, volume up selects the option. Once you get to the android laying on it's back, hit both volume up and volume down simultaneously and the menu will pop up. Volume keys navigate, power button selects. I don't believe that will wipe all your apps, pretty sure thats the data one. But I can't guarantee. I usually wipe both when needed.
  6. drtrask

    drtrask Active Member

    With my RMHD I occasionally have a lag. I've found that CLEARING THE CACHE gets it right back "up to speed." I'm rooted and have two apps to clear things out - and then it "clips right along."

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