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Razr I kevlar is unthreading at the seams?Support

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  1. rzozaya1969

    rzozaya1969 Well-Known Member

    I've had my Razr I since last month, but yesterday I noticed that the back of my phone felt weird, and looking at it I saw that it had some threads showing, or I don't know what's the right term (I'm from Mexico), unthreading??? I think I'll have to send it back to the service center so that the tech can have a look at.

    I'm attaching a pic, has this happen to someone else?

    Only the left side of the back panel is showing this.

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  2. ofteno

    ofteno Member

    I got 2 weeks with the phone (telcel too) no problem so far
    Anyway at xda the razr I forums are more active, just to let you know

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