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  1. Liquid_Chaos87

    Liquid_Chaos87 New Member

    Sorry if this has been posed already..but this is bugging me.

    Just yesterday I got the RAZR, but I have noticed that I will lose the connection in places I didn't when I had the Droid 2. I've been with Verizon this entire time and hasn't changed. But at work, the droid 2 worked everywhere with the exception of the break room being iffy at times. I don't lose capability of going into emails or anything, it is just the internet (web browser, facebook, etc). So my old phone that's been out for years could connect with the internet pretty much ANYWHERE I was...and this new phone can't. I have to go outside to get the 4G. And I don't know what it's like in other places (works great at home), I've only had it a day. Is there anyway to fix it or do I have to go back Verizon?

  2. Ezzy11

    Ezzy11 New Member

    Just got my RAZR from Verizon yesterday as well and I have the same problem, no internet or data of any kind. I'll get 1X occasionally, if at all.
  3. bamorris2

    bamorris2 Member

    My RAZR has an excellent radio and gets the same or better reception than my DX did. Prior to my RAZR, I had a GNex. Early on, I stopped getting any data connection. Turned out to be a bad SIM card. Once the local VZW store replaced it (for free), my data connection returned to normal.

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