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  1. kittiecat801

    kittiecat801 New Member

    I have my volume buttons set to act as snooze buttons. If you're like me and just blindly tap sometimes when the alarm goes off (forgetting in your sleep to reach for the volume buttons)...if you happen to back out of the alarm by mistake to another screen, then there's no way to snooze or shut off the alarm without powering off. I've gone into the alarm to remove the checkboxes but that does not shut them off at that point.

    So annoying when your alarm is set to very loud volume and you're going crazy not being ableto shut it off.

    Anyone have a solution??

  2. driz

    driz Member

    Sorry I don't have a solution but I sure do feel your pain so you aren't alone. Just push the snooze button or make the phone change screens by accidentally hitting any other button function ect and the damned thing runs on forever, UGHHHH. The only way I have found to shut it off when it does that is to turn the phone completely off. Not much of a solution is it? I too would love to hear a way to functionally shut the darned alarm off.
  3. Histaria

    Histaria New Member

    Alarms should go off when you press the volume control. This button can be set to snooze or cancel by touching Apps>Clock>Set Alarm (small alarm clock symbol under the time and date -- you didn't touch it squarely if the display dims))>menu (3 tiny vertical squares in upper right corner of display)>Settings>Volume Buttons>cancel/snooze/or none.

    At the "Settings" point in the sequence described above you can also set the action of the alarm in the silent mode, alarm volume, snooze duration (5 to 30 min.), time before auto silence (unfortunately, only goes down to 5 min.), and the alarm ringtone.

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