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  1. srjustman

    srjustman New Member

    i currently use a Droid X. the voice recognition software is horrendous and has not gotten any better with software updates. Such "call linda" is answered by "call newton?"

    i was wondering whether anybody has had the same experience and/or is it any better with the RAZR.


  2. Pacnet2012

    Pacnet2012 Member

    The voice recognition is better on the razr / r maxx. I assume it's the gingerbread difference or the good mic.
  3. espritbonne

    espritbonne New Member

    Srjustman, Pacnet2012 is right, the voice recognition is AWESOME on my Droid Razr Maxx I just bought. But I wanted to share what I learned about it today in case that might be helpful for you with your Droid X.

    This morning when I was setting up the Voice Commands app that came on it, a friend was standing beside me trying to voice commands into my phone at the same time. He wanted to show me how terrific speech recognition apps work nowadays compared to a few years ago. But I was worried he might be messing up my app's ability to decipher my voice commands correctly, by confusing it with another voice. My friend laughed, thinking that was crazy.

    Later today, I was having the same problems you've mentioned with my Voice Commands app hearing things differently than I'd said them. That's how I found this forum, incidentally. Since reading your post a while ago, I spoke with Verizon Wireless and learned the speech recognition programs DO need to be set up in a quiet place, with just the phone's user voicing the commands, in order for it to learn how to recognize the phone owner's particular inflections, cadence, and pronunciations of words. So I needed to 'adapt' or reset my Voice Commands. Don't know if it will be the same on your device, but on mine, I opened the Voice Commands app and a menu opened but instead of selecting anything from that menu I pushed my Droid's "menu" button and a tiny page with the word "Settings" showed up on the bottom of the screen. Selecting that gave me several options that included "Adaptation". Selecting that gave me a little program that walked me through reading a dozen or so scripts, similar to prompts I would give to Speech Recognition, so my phone could just listen to the way I say things. Only took a few minutes, but man, it really improved the way my phone recognizes my words now! Hope it works for you, too.

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