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razr webtop no trackpad operationSupport

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  1. Funkyd

    Funkyd New Member

    I have two razrs that won't display the trackpad when docked onto the hd dock, in webtop mode.
    From what I understand, when docked, you select webtop mode. Then your phone should display a few buttons, like a mouse, and operate as a trackpad.
    My tv will display the webtop screen, but I can't do anything.
    What am I missing??
    Stock razr running 2.3.6 with webtop version WT-2.0.0-139

  2. bclipscomb

    bclipscomb New Member

    Any luck with solving this issue. Mine is doing the same thing. It worked fine about a week ago, now all I get is a blank screen.
  3. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    Trackpad isn't working with a lapdock 500 and my bionic, thought it was a fluke.

    Havent' docked the razr maxx since though. Hmmm
  4. Funkyd

    Funkyd New Member

    No luck yet.
    My wife and I both got razrs and they both do the same thing. They never worked.
    So I don't know if it's the phone at all? Maybe something with the dock, cable or TV? I don't think it's the TV because I tried another monitor with the same issue.

    Anyone with ideas?
  5. Funkyd

    Funkyd New Member

    So I broke (cracked ) my screen this weekend.:( I received my replacement phone today via insurance.
    I thought I would try the web top on the new phone and it's working fine.
    I don't know if that answers anything for you, could be a difference in updates?
    Certainly the dock is OK at any rate.
    So there it is.
    Good luck.

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