RC5 Released! and i have some Q's....

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  1. ShadowParadox

    ShadowParadox Member

    if you look over at OpenEtna you'll see that RC5 has been released.

    now my question is. since i had only since updated to RC4 after rooting my phone is how do i go about about the install process?

    do i have to do a fastboot -w?

    do i have to use the newer bootloader or can i use the last one?

    will i lose everything thats installed on my phone?


  2. johnsolo

    johnsolo Member

    You do not have to wipe but be sure to ONLY use boot 2.4.4, 2.4.3 has a problem!
  3. ShadowParadox

    ShadowParadox Member

    problems with what? seems fine for me. i havent updated to RC5 just yet though. i'm waiting to see how other people like it :)
  4. illm4tic

    illm4tic Active Member

    I wanna know if the video recorder and fm radio will work
  5. illm4tic

    illm4tic Active Member

    ok so the videorecorder still doesn't work and you may need bluetooth to use as an antennae to get radio I think.
  6. kharn83

    kharn83 Member

    heya, with videorecorder theres a workaround

    download anCorder(beta) from market and u'll be able to record!

    it even records in mp4 format so u dont need to convert it!

    cheers- rob
  7. AmazonAnnie

    AmazonAnnie Well-Known Member

    Thanks to everyone here for your postings! I got brave and decided to root my phone today... everything went well so I got even braver and decided to try to OpenEtna.

    It wasn't without problems ! I thought I had bricked the phone at one point but I managed (with the help of the wonderful people there) to get it back and it's up and running. I wish I had written down all the programs I had.

    There's really neat stuff on it! Gosh this is going to be fun. :)

    Thanks everyone here for all your musings.

  8. ShadowParadox

    ShadowParadox Member

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