RCMix S - screen unlock problem

  1. quibble

    quibble Member

    I currently running the RCMixS ROM and have a problem with screen unlock.

    I use number lock and, when I receive a phone call I can accept the call, but the phone doesn't unlock. As such, to end a call, I then have to enter my pass-code to access the dialer screen and be able to unlock the phone.

    Any ideas on how to fix this? Other than that, I really like this ROM!!

  2. slinemfc

    slinemfc Active Member

    No idea on how to fix but I use "pattern" unlock so it is a quick swipe or two to unlock. Also set to lock after 15mins so it doesn't appear if making a number of successive calls.
  3. quibble

    quibble Member

    Thanks. I'll try a pattern, then, and see if that changes the behavior!
  4. sh500

    sh500 Member

    This I believe is the standard behaviour in 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) ROMs. I have the same 'issue' and indeed others devices with GB as stock also have it.

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