1. foreWard

    foreWard Well-Known Member

    Ok, I have unrevoked 3 and forever on my phone...I am thinking about downloading the leaked ota and gettign it over seems I will "lose root" until I re-root after installing froyo.

    How the heck do i do that? Run unrevoked3 again, or what?

    I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I am trying to wrap my brain around this whole rooting thing and it is taking a while...thanks.

  2. fortesquieu

    fortesquieu Well-Known Member

    installing the leaked OTA will not make you lose root.
  3. Spart

    Spart Well-Known Member

    As of right now, you can't reroot. Since you are already rooted, just install one of the ROMS that are already out and your good to go.

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