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Reactivating a flashed phone

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  1. mdiada

    mdiada Member

    I bought a flashed HTC Evo 3d to Boost Mobile phone several months ago. It's working really well, considering it's a flashed phone, but I was considering selling it to another Boost user. But what must be done on my part to make sure this phone will work for someone else's Boost account? The other person has never used a flashed phone before, and I'm not that skilled in it.

    Can anyone help me with this, please? Thanks! :)

  2. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Find out your MSL. You can download the MSL app from the market.

    Dial ##msl# on the phone. It'll ask you for the MDN/MSID combo. Might be called something slightly different. Edit them to be 0000001234 for both. Commit the modifications. Once committed the phone will auto-reboot. Once the phone comes back up the phone will latch onto any account that the phone is on.

    Meaning if the phone is on your account it'll latch onto yours. If you sold the phone and it is no longer on your account but on your buyer's account then it'll latch onto theirs.

    This can only work once or twice without needing a complete reflash. So do not try this "just for testing purposes". The phone should not be left on and not attached to an account for long. If the phone is off your account and waiting for a buyer the phone should be left off or just taken off the account but the step with the msl should not be done. Do it only when it is ready to latch onto someone else's account. Good luck.

    EDIT: Never do a ##786# reset on a flashed phone. That will definitely wipe the data settings and you'll need to get it reflashed. Voice will probably work after some hoop jumping but to get data working again data reprogramming will be needed 100%. Only do this kind of reset if you know the aaa keys and are planning to reflash it.
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  3. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    The MSL app won't work on the HTC Evo 3D unless you root it and S-Off the phone. I have one I flashed to Boost. Instructions for root and s-off can be found in XDA forums. It involves a piece of wire touching 2 contacts in your phone while usingbthe software, not for the squeamish.
  4. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    You do not need S-off. You need root. To get S-off you need the wire trick... but to get root you can simply do the htcdev unlock...
  5. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    Maybe that will work with some, rooting only. Mine had errors trying to use MSL Reader saying I couldn't due to Security, which comes to the point of S-off wire trick. Maybe it was only my Evo 3D that was so stubborn?
  6. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    Recently during a call to get help with issues on my LG Venice from Boost I questioned the tech support about rumors that we would soon be able to use Sprint phones on Boost and guess the response... Yes!!! And No. I was told I could not use my Duel Core HTC Evo 3D because it was too OLD and could not work PROPERLY on Boosts network, however if I choose BUY a Sprint iPhone or NEWER phones from HTC, Samsung etc. they would work. My Venice is a single core phone with ICS that works fine but my Evo 3D duel core with ICS can't? When it's flashed it works fine, wonder why that is? ($$$)
  7. Madroxide

    Madroxide Well-Known Member

    I work at a boost store and there's a limited number of sprint phones that will work. And none are high end and most were already on boost at one time.
  8. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    That's what you guys always say but it's just not true. I have had 2 Boostberries that I activated on Boost myself, a 7100i that I was told was too old and FCC banned so it "Would not work" it did for me when I did it myself, every function. After Sprint flagged my Fully functional including MMS, SMS, WiFi and 3G - HTC Evo 3D so that it wouldn't work on Boost anymore I made my old 8350i into a BoostBerry to use (Fully Functional) until I bought the LG Venice.

    So I don't want to hear "Some won't work" be honest and say "Our company wants you to buy a phone NEW that we Authorize because we are Greedy." Then I can at least respect the fact that you guys are being straight with me, then I can flash what I want anyway! Lol
  9. Madroxide

    Madroxide Well-Known Member

    If you can get your phone to work good for you. I go by what I'm told.I could care less if I sell you a phone. I don't see the profits from it. Boost is a cheap ass when it comes to their employees. I work here because I need a job to pay my bills.
  10. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    Sorry to seem like I am taking it out on you, it's just frustrating is all. I did however finally get a Boost rep that admitted it was all about money and it actually helped me calm my beef with Sprint/ Boost a little. He admits it can be done but was told not to do it and was given the same excuses I get from all the others to give people to keep us from doing it. He actually opened the conversation himself by telling me to have someone Flash a better phone to Boost for me! I can respect honesty, at least then I know I am being screwed with a smile. :)
  11. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    Oh, also I am sorry to hear they are cheap on you too. Most companies are though.

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