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  1. teacher74

    teacher74 Member

    When I try to edit my contacts on my phone, i get a message that says that this contact is read only and i cannot edit it. How can i change contacts from being read only?

  2. teacher74

    teacher74 Member

    Anyone have any ideas?
  3. DataSchmuck

    DataSchmuck Active Member

    if it's a facebook contact I don't think you can edit it. What's it say in the top left under the little link icon?
  4. teacher74

    teacher74 Member

    I do have facebook linked with some contacts taht are in my facebook account. Under the link icon is says on some "linked" on others "phone" but ALL of my contacts are read only. Not just the ones linked in facebook.
  5. anomaly

    anomaly Active Member

    I just ran in to this problem. For me it was yahoo contacts. So if you press Menu -> Accounts then press the Yahoo account and remove it, those should go away.
  6. aslexky

    aslexky New Member

    I have the Contacts Read Only issue but only with contacts that were transferred in the store when I purchased the phone. These are simple telephone contacts...not Facebook, etc. Any ideas on how to remove the read only flag?
  7. sunroc

    sunroc New Member

    I had the "read only" contacts issue too but in my case, it was just a simple phone number with no name or other data associated with it. The number was listed about 20 times at the top of my contact list as if it were 20 different contacts. It had just appeared over the last week. I tried to delete the numbers 1 by 1 but I got that "read only" message. So, based on comments in this thread, I figured that it must be from some social networking app installed on my phone.

    This got me to thinking about which social media I had been using recently. Then I realized that I had just purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab for my mother and I had set up Skype on it and tested it with her. When doing this I had run in to some technical difficulties and noticed that Skype had even assigned me a phone number and listed me as a telephone contact instead of as a Skype contact on my mother's tablet. Furthermore, my mother's tablet has both her google account and mine on it so that I could install some of my paid apps on it for her. So things that happen on her tablet could definitely affect my phone.

    So now, I figured that Skype had been messing with my account on my android phone and I just uninstalled it. Presto! All 20 or so of those strange disembodied phone contacts just disappeared.

    I am not a big social networker and I often deactivate such apps when I find them on my devices but if you have this read only issue with a brand new phone, it is possible that there are native social networking apps already installed like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, and others that are producing glitches on your device. Perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling them (if you really want them) might help. Often, they have settings during installation such as "Import Contacts?" that might produce glitches like this.
  8. dtramarao

    dtramarao New Member

    Hi folks,

    Try sync up your contacts from your account. If you are using Skype , go to Skype Settings --> Sync contacts

    Similarly you have Sync options from Yahoo Messenger, GTalk etc.

  9. carib909

    carib909 Member

    I use both gmail and Yahoo. I would like to be able to edit and or delete Yahoo contacts. They are read only. How can this be changed?
  10. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    you need to make those contacts into google contacts if you would like that ability. Yahoo does not allow the editing of contacts from another service. You could edit them through the Yahoo android app though.

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