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  1. mustgetbeers

    mustgetbeers New Member

    I have recently got a new Think pad Tablet (3.1) and loaded a couple of gig of brochures and manuals all in PDF. For some reason some files are very slow to open and page through. It is an intermittent problem. Am using the pre loaded Docs To Go. The original pre loaded e-book reader kept on falling over when loaded with more than about 30 files, so I loadedan App calle Aldiko which was able to cope with the volume but had problems when browsing through documents. I discovered that via the Docs To Go App the files could be viewed easily wit much less hassle. I have now loaded a basic file manager File Manager HD which is working a treat but I still have an intermitent problem with PDF docs not responding, not always the same file.
    Any help would be appreciated

  2. puppeteer

    puppeteer Well-Known Member

    I'd actually try the android adobe reader. It seems to work the smoothest.

    I use ez PDF reader because I'm looking for extra functionality, but I can't testify to its free version.
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  3. mustgetbeers

    mustgetbeers New Member

    The idea of the ebook reader and aldiko was an app that could manage the files and read them. I saw the EzPdf but loaded an app called qPdf Notes. It works really well but is a bit basic the way it manages files. Aldiko had a method of tagging files to sort with the ability to multi tag. Quite useful for my needs. qPdf Notes gives some limited editing functions.

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