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  1. ronanbrowne88

    ronanbrowne88 New Member

    Is it possible for the s4 to read a rfid chip using its NFC technology, I just want the phone to register that a chip has been scanned i have been trying but with no success(using various NFC apps, turning NFC on holding chip to phone, nothing happens), Can anyone give me some advice if this is possible and if so what apps they used. thanks.

  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    I am willing to be corrected but I don't think they can.

    RFID chips operate at several different frequencies whereas NFC tags all operate at 13.56MHz. There is a type of RFID chip that also works at this frequency but I still don't think it will work with an NFC reader.

    The two technologies are similar in some ways but they aren't the same by any means.
  3. ronanbrowne88

    ronanbrowne88 New Member

    ya i just got the specs for my rfid chips they operate at 125khz , i dont think nfc on a s4 can read that

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