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  1. Jblakeslee

    Jblakeslee New Member

    First off..newbie here, I did a quick search but did not find the answer to my forgive me if it is avail already.

    Droid X2....I want to read the Sd card I hooked it up via a USB port to my computer, but it does not read all the stuff on the phone (such as the music)....

    So I purchased a adapter to insert it directly into the computer....when I do so, It ask's if I want to format the the question is: If I do that is all the stuff on it lost?

    I want to find the music files on my phone and x-fer them to my laptop....


  2. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    first welcome to the forums. using a file manager the file can be found under music. hope you enjoy your stay here
  3. Jblakeslee

    Jblakeslee New Member

    When I put the micro sd into my computer it say's the card is not formatted....and ask's if I want to do that....

    If I say yes, does it clean everything that is one the card? I know that if you format a floppy it erases everything on it....
  4. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    yes, if you format, you wipe data
    on your Dx2 you have two memory locations
    internal 8gb, and your sd card, you should see both when phone is connected to pc in mass storage mode
    if not try pc mode

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