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  1. Prosper4Him

    Prosper4Him Member

    Hello everyone, I am almost ready to install my first rom. I have already rooted my phone successfully. See image below...

    Okay, so you all know, I'm using Rom Manager and it has installed CWM for me. See image below.

    Now that CWM is installed, how do I make a backup image? I've heard that this is an important step before installing roms. Please give specific details on how to backup using Rom Manager.

    Also, what rom is best for me? I would like to have a fully functional rom for my SW version. See below.

    I assume that I can use Rom Manager to install any recommended roms you all might suggest I use. If not, please tell me another method that won't compromise my current CWM installation.

    Thanks in advance!

    Perhaps this can become part of a new tutorial, who knows :)

  2. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    ~~~HOW TO MAKE A Nandroid backup~~~
    1.) Boot into CWM
    2.) Choose - backup and restore
    3.) Choose - backup
    1.) Choose - wipe data/factory reset
    2.) Choose - wipe cache partition
    3.) Choose - advanced
    4.) Choose - wipe dalvik cache
    ***(your gonna want to do this every time before you install a new rom or things will get messed up)
    5.) Install your rom (as for what rom I think as of right now Awesome Android and if you choose AA your gonna want to install in this order)
    (just download them and put them on your sd card)
    **to make things easier on you backup apps and data with titanium backup first.
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  3. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    ** double post
  4. Prosper4Him

    Prosper4Him Member

    Do I place these into root of my sd card or place them in my CWM folder/backup? Does it really even matter as long as it's on the sd card?

    Furthermore, will I need to repeat steps 1-4 to install each update for AA? How are these applied via cmw? Are these applied via step 5? If possible, I believe Rom Manager can install this stuff. Is it safe to say or should I bypass it and boot straight into cmw without rom manager?

    * Confirmed... I was able to backup with Rom Manager.

    Please note that I will be using this software to install roms however, I wonder if it does steps 1-4 automatically? If it doesn't I'll need a workaround beings I can't boot into cmw without Rom Manager. See image below..
  5. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    yeah on root sd
    to get in to CWM reboot phone when power goes off hold vol. up and power at the same time Till CWM boots up yeah rom manager might do it or Goo manager, but to be safe if you install it your self you kno its gonna work so do as you will. If im not mistaken Goo Manager comes on AA so Id use that if your gonna use a manager. I never used a manager so im not familiar with them.
  6. Prosper4Him

    Prosper4Him Member

    Well, I have researched Rom Manager and many people do not recommend using this software to install roms however there have been reports that it does work as long as it supports your phone.

    I'm going to take the plunge as my device is supported. I will create a Rom Manager tutorial if this doesn't brick my phone. Wish me luck!
  7. Prosper4Him

    Prosper4Him Member

    Ok, I'm abandoning this thread. Never use Rom Manager, it's useless. It did not harm my phone.. It just doesn't seem to work as it said rc1 had an invalid checksum.

    REQUESTING MOD/ADMIN to can this thread.

    Back to finding a surefire way to get cmw working on my phone. Doesn't seem to stick. Tried using the terminal emulator method too, maybe I'll try again :)

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