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  1. jaal

    jaal Active Member

    Hi everyone. I've had both 3GW100 and 3GW101, being the last one much better than the first.

    after waiting lots of time for new and better softwares (LEUI 3.5 being the best) I've been using this software for the last three months and its the best! All google issues solved, installed some pretty good apps and proud to say the envy of my fellow chilean friends.

    But of course Murphy's law is always present. this morning I dropped the 3GW101 by accident and the screen broke somewhere I can't find where. the phone does eratic commands and I can't make it work again. as if the screen were in constant contact and different locations of the screen are being touched. it looks as if there were a virus controlled externally doing really weird stuff.

    So no more lephone for me until next shanghai trip. Bummer!!!!! :mad::mad:


  2. k.oleg

    k.oleg Member

    why did you like 3GW101 better?? it's LCD!
  3. jaal

    jaal Active Member

    Two reasons: autofocus camera and betterin broad daylight.
  4. King_bob

    King_bob Well-Known Member

    Dont get rid of it, I had the exact same issue once.... I droped it and ti sarted reacting really strange, and doing random things, it is very easy to fix. since the problem is most likly the touch screen cable has sliped a bit, so you can very carefully pry it open and re insert the cable. It shoudl work after that. I took some pictre, and ill try to load then If I can find them again.
  5. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    i had the same problem..and i did replace the screen...
  6. jaal

    jaal Active Member

    Pictures would be great. the 3gw101 is probable the best android I have had. I have had:
    Lenovo 3GW100
    Lenovo 3GW101
    Samsung Galaxy 9003
    LG Optimus P990 2X (Present)
    LG optimus One
    Motorola Razr (Present)
    Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro
    HTC Hero
    Huawei (horrible) (First)

    The phone is:
    - fast, very fast
    - excellent screen
    - execution of various programs at the same time
    - good camera (great focus)
    - frontal camera
    - 32GB capacity external memory
    - battery lasts enough to go through the day (Leus 3.5)
    - downloaded hacked NDRIVE for chile and GPS works a charm
    - quite unique. NOBODY in chile has it and everybody becomes quite ichy when they see it to look at it.

    Don't waste time and send the pics!!!

  7. chingdaotze

    chingdaotze Member

    I just posted a disassembly guide for the 3GW100, and judging by pictures of the 3GW101, they have a very similar design.

    Either the cable fell out, or the digitizer broke.

    A quick search pulled this thread, which is specific to the 3GW101, where someone is replacing their broken digitizer:

    ?????PHonE(3gw101) ?????????? - ?? - ?????? -

    There do seem to be minor differences in the internal layout, so be careful! :D

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