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  1. the_bhagwan

    the_bhagwan New Member

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  2. Beckyj636

    Beckyj636 Member

    the link don't work :(
  3. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    It says too much traffic :( :(
  4. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member

    Try this link:

    It is also posted on the following link:

    VM Froyo Official

    File name:
    File description: vm stock 2.2 update.
    File size: 46.31 MB

    Download link:

    Click on Regular Download button.

    I tried and tested the above link and it worked for me.

    There was too much traffic on Dropbox link. Hence, it went down/unavailable.

    The original Dropbox link was as:

    This was taken from:

    I have the zip file on my PC. Please let me know where to upload and I can upload it for you.
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  5. bergfurgaler

    bergfurgaler Member

    Ok the link above was overloaded but here a Megaupload mirror

    I updated with this file. I have ( rather had) full stock VM 2.1. I never changed anything that you could not change in the phone's inner settings.

    I used the phone to format my sd card then pluged it into my pc and transfered the file (downloaded from link above) to the sd card. I changed the name to "update" since win 7 will leave the .zip But the target name is "". Then poped the sd card back into my phone. Turned it off then held the volume down + call +power off buttons until I saw the SAMSUNG name on the screen then let go of the call, power off buttons while still holding the volume down button. 5 min later I had 2.2

    If the same process dose not work for you here is the whole discussion. It has much information. VM Froyo Official

    Thanks to PROTOID for the original file EDIT
    Thanks to Heretic Nex for the mirror I used and listed
    Thanks to anyone else I may have not credited and to all for the major hookup of 2.2
    Last but not least I would like to tell VM to suck it for totally dropping the ball on this update in every way possible.

    EdAndInn Posted as I was making my post. Props for the much nicer layed post.
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  6. kcmartz

    kcmartz Well-Known Member

    I need the Virgin_Live.apk

    I deleted that when I temp rooted. I need this ASAP!! You can PM me and ill give you my email to send the file. Please!! I need virgin_live.apk to do this!!
  7. dvandam

    dvandam Well-Known Member

    Has anyone actually tried this and got it to work? All I've read so far is complaints about the links.

    Just want to make sure this is a kosher package for a non-rooted 2.1 based Intercept so my wife doesn't yell at me when I try to apply this and brick her phone.
  8. DroidSyndicate

    DroidSyndicate Active Member

    Trying it now, I will let you know if I brick my phone.
  9. Dixon Butz

    Dixon Butz Active Member

    Works great using the recovery method! All my apps still there. I thought everything would be wiped.
  10. DroidSyndicate

    DroidSyndicate Active Member

    The Good: Update Works
    The Bad: No Flash, No Live Wallpapers
    The Ugly: No Wifi/BlueTooth/Silence buttons when you pull down the status bar!
  11. PeterRC

    PeterRC Member

    Yes, this method works. I did this last night, with some trepidation, but in the end it worked out. A few things to note, for those worried about doing it...

    It is a very simple process, and it's hard to actually mess it up. If you have basic knowledge and can follow instructions, you should be fine.

    Secondly, your phone can't be plugged in and charging to boot into recovery mode. I tried it about 3 times while it was charging before I unplugged it and tried it again.

    Lastly, and I'm not sure if this goes for everyone, but when the second "Samsung" screen came up during the phone's reboot, it stayed there for nearly 5 minutes. So if this happens to you, don't freak out, and just be patient.
  12. Misterre

    Misterre Active Member

    Here are some good instructions I received from the other forum

    Download zip file from site and save to my PC desktop - Windows Vista 64 bit
    Rename file as update
    This is a zip file for Windows so no need to add .zip at the end of the file name update

    Connect phone to PC using USB
    Copy update file from desktop to my sdcard (E drive) root folder

    Turn off USB Storage

    Safely remove hardware
    Remove USB cable

    Turn offf phone

    Press volume down, Call and Call End/Power key...Release call and Call/End/Power key once you see Samsung logo...Keep Volume down key pressed

    Recovery menu screen

    Plug in USB cable (for power until entire update process completes)

    Scroll to apply using volume down key or just swiping gently on Optical Joystick key

    Press Optical Joystick key to select

    Symbol of open white box and arrow and android coming out

    E:pATH: /data/update_success
    E:update file is backed up: not updated

    -- Install from sdcard...

    Yellow moving bar showing progress...

    Finding update package

    Opening update package

    Verifying update package

    Installing update
    Verifying current system
    Updating modem
    Removing unneeded files
    Patching system files

    Yellow moving bar showing progress...

    Patching boot image
    Unpacking new files

    and I missed few messages after this...It went too fast...Someone can add to this...


    Samsung Logo

    Virgin Mobile Sound

    Samsung Logo

    Beautiful sideways Lock and Sound on/off...Time, Date, Charging percentage, Virgin Mobile...
    Sound on/off - Scroll to left for sound off and scroll to left again for sound on
    Slide lock left to right and voila


    More responsiveness all over...

    Stock Browser is fast...
  13. dvandam

    dvandam Well-Known Member

    Good to know. I'll flash my wife's phone tonight. Hopefully this will remove most of the grievances we have with her phone, although it does make it harder for me to figure out which VM Android to recommend to my friend. Now that the Intercept has the same OS, picking the Optimus Prime or whatever it's called doesn't seem like such an obvious answer.
  14. MadBroke

    MadBroke Member

    I followed these same instructions as well.. extremely helpful
  15. StickySpray

    StickySpray Member

    ahhh finally, after resisting the urge to flash the sprint rom for a bit over a month I am booting this rom as we speak! thanks to everyone who made this happen(i'm really thankful for the megaupload mirror).
    Can't wait to see what devs will have in store for us with custom roms.:cool:
  16. jstruggle

    jstruggle New Member

    Just Tried this!! IT works beautifully, nd now i got "3G" :D , i was STILL waiting on the update tho.
  17. ColoradoMJ

    ColoradoMJ Member

    Any suggestions for getting a phone into recovery mode if the volume-down key is broken? I'm waiting for a replacement from Virgin Mobile and the OTA update bricked this phone.
  18. DroidSyndicate

    DroidSyndicate Active Member

    Now all we need is someone to create a simple way of rooting Intercept 2.2 and a custom rom that features live wallpapers, flash, tethering and/or wireless hot spot.
    Tried to root 2.2 but could only find instructions for installing sprint 2.2 rom and I couldn't get that to work with a custom 2.2 rom for vm.
  19. ColoradoMJ

    ColoradoMJ Member

    I just tried this update on my phone, and it went very smoothly. I must say I hate how they took the WiFi, Bluetooth, etc switches out of the notification drawer, but I'll probably find a way around it Othewise, it seems much more responsive. My partner's phone was bricked by the OTA update, and I cannot get it into recovery mode because the Volume-Down key is broken. Supposedly there is a new one on the way, but if anyone has any clue about a different way to get the Intercept into recovery mode, it would be apprectiated.
  20. blayzar

    blayzar New Member

    after all is done as instructed.. my main gripe is still there..

    why is downloaded applications still going to phone area instead of requesting for options of where i want application to go.. to phone or sd card? also .. the move to SD card button,,,is not active ...
    any feed-back is greatly appreciated ...

  21. JonIndie

    JonIndie Well-Known Member

    i'd like to get a clarification before doing this.. just to be 100% sure.. If I end up downloading this and running it.. would it be exactly the same thing as if I waited for VM to send me the link to upgrade it?

    are there any differences? .. my phone is completely stock and I don't want to take the chance of doing something that would make an update or something not work in the future.

    EDIT: read this on sdx forums

    "Is there any problems/disadvantages to updating right now using this method. Like if i update right now and vm mobile changes the release for w/e reason can i reupdate with the new changes? I just want to make sure that theres no real ill effect from updating."

    "That makes no sense. They delayed the release to make sure it was stable. Some people have had their OTA update fail, but that's probably because they weren't full stock (COMPLETE with recovery) or the download file was screwed slightly. This update is OFFICIAL, and will MAKE YOUR PHONE the SAME 2.2 that all VM users are getting OTA. We already have a kernel for it with ext2/4/root/undervolt, and so we're kinda ahead of the game."

    went ahead and did the update.. worked like a charm.
  22. bergfurgaler

    bergfurgaler Member

    This method worked fine for me. I didnt even need to reinstall my app's and other files on my sdcard, tho its never a bad idea to back it up. as for the wifi tab on the pull down I just use "wifi analyzer" its a free app in the market. it gives you all the control you may want and u can put a shortcut on the top page
  23. Csb08bmb10

    Csb08bmb10 Member

    I used z4root to temp root my girlfriends intercept and thought I backed up virgin mobile live and uninstalled it well it wasn't backed up and I can't get it back I was wondering if I could do the update through the recovery method or do I have to get the app back first, I uninstalled z4root and now wen I try to download it again it says it roots the phone but I use titanium backup it says its not rooted so I was wondering if I get the apk for virgin mobile live do I put it on the phone through the recovery method as well? Sorry if question sounds stupid I'm new to this type of stuff. Thanks for any help
  24. arcaias

    arcaias Member

    I did the same to my phone, can someone post a link or give instructions on replacing these files? I already have the stock files downloaded, but i cant get to my phones memory to put them there. Can anyone help? im getting errors when i attempt to update.
  25. EdAndInn

    EdAndInn Well-Known Member


    Please try the App from the below link for AppBrain (It is alternative to Android Market).

    Virgin Mobile Live - Android app on AppBrain

    I have not tried it. Could you please try and let us know whether it works.

    Other location is Androidzoom (It is also an alternative to Android Market)

    Virgin Mobile Live - Android

    I could not find it in Amazon Android App Store.

    Another way to get the file is to go to SDX-Developers website and post a request there:

    Intercept - Questions 2.2


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