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  1. goldrush28

    goldrush28 Well-Known Member

    Considering the KFHD. I have a RazrMaxx with unlimited data plan. Is there an advantage getting the KFHD from Amazon, or can I get it anywhere? Will I just be able to use 4G or wireless right out of the box or will I have to notify Verizon(my carrier) and pay some additional fee? Is there anything I can't do with this tablet that I COULD do with another one? Thanks in advance. Art

  2. Holydoc

    Holydoc Well-Known Member

  3. goldrush28

    goldrush28 Well-Known Member

    I saw that Amazon link. My concern is that their deal is with AT&T. My unlimited data plan is with Verizon. Would they even have to be informed that I'm using the KFHD? I can run wireless through my RazrMaxx as a hotspot, but won't I need a Verizon sim card for 4GLTE? Thanks
  4. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    I have an old limited data plan from VZW for my Gnex phone which allows me to use the Wi-Fi Hotspot without an additional charge per the FCC agreement. My understanding of the official VZW policy requires an additional charge to use the Hotspot on an unlimited data plan. What you can get away with is not under discussion.
    Verizon: No free tethering for unlimited data plan customers | ZDNet
    My understanding of the VZW policy to use KFHD 4G LTE connection would require a Sim card from VZW and an additional charge for the tablet. VZW no longer includes information on the unlimited data plan (which is their old plan) on their web site so this is what I remember. You would have to contact VZW to get the pricing.
  5. Jesslynh

    Jesslynh Well-Known Member

    If you get the Amazon Kindle with 4G, it will be separate from any other plan you have and won't have any connection with whatever plan you now have.

    You won't need any SIM card because there will already be one in the device that can only be used w/ ATT.

    As far as wifi use, you can connect it to any wifi connection that you can access. If you have a VZW plan, you can connect to it per VZW rules, just as you can connect it to your home wifi or any public wifi connection at Starbucks.

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