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Really considering getting the Galaxy 5, noob questions...General

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  1. MicroByte

    MicroByte Member

    I've been looking and really am considering a Galaxy 5.0 as a replacement for myipod touch. The feature set looks really great and Android in general seems really customizable and more of what I would like, but I wanted to see if anyone could help me with some questions.

    Can you use the GPS function with an app with off line maps or is it purely wifi GPS only? I'd love to be able to have a GPS replacement if possible.

    How customizable is the interface in general? I've played around with a display unit and I love widgets. I've seen various themes online that look like they are really different, can these be applied to any android system or do you have to do something special sir this?

    Has anyone tried the Onlive game streaming app? Does it work with the 5?

    I browsed around on the Android app store on the store unit. Is it pretty y much guaranteed that if it shows an app that it will work on the 5 or do you have to look for something specific?

    Sorry, I know it's a lot to ask, but I'm really wanting to get away from ios and into something more open. I love the bigger screen size and it feels really good from my time with it.

    A big thanks in advance!

  2. Sideman

    Sideman Well-Known Member

    I'll try to answer some of your questions until some better informed fo'bros come along.

    1) The GPS works well, and indepentently from a data connection...it's a real GPS module. There are several free downloadable map apps that allow you to navigate on the go without any data connection. The GPS will actively work with these map programs....like having a Garmin, or the like.

    2) Customizing the screen interface isn't my thing, but there are several that are highly recommended by those that use them. They are called launchers, I think.

    3) Haven't tried Onlive.

    4) The SGP isn't a phone, of course, but I believe the apps specific to phones don't even show up on Google Play, or the Samsung apps store, only the ones that work on your SGP.

    There a a lot of very knowledgeable users, and staff, here in the SGP forum so I'm sure you'll get much more expert advice soon. Just be patient.
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  3. MicroByte

    MicroByte Member

    Thanks so much sideman, I really appreciate your response. The GPS sounds great and is what I would love to have. Pair that with the addition of a real FM receiver and it's already a step up from my iPod touch.
  4. Sideman

    Sideman Well-Known Member

    You're welcome, MicroByte. Yep, the FM radio works very well. You have to plug in headphones, though, because the radio uses them for an antenna. Then again, with an app like iHeart Radio, and a WiFi connection, you can use headphones or the internal speakers...great for listening while doing desk work....with LOTS of formats, and stations, to choose from.

    If you take a few minutes to think about what you'd like the SGP5 to be able to do for you, it will amaze you that there is usually an app for it.

    My SGP5 has become a constant companion. My wife use to joke about it being an expensive toy, but now she'll often say "Hey honey, grab your Galaxy...I've got a question." Now, that's progress!! LOL!
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  5. MicroByte

    MicroByte Member

    Just ordered one from Amazon as a birthday present. It's funny, my wife was going to surprise me with a new iPod touch since she thought mine was an older version. Mine is actually 4th gen and I'm glad she didn't. Luckily I had some on eBay that I was watching which prompted her to ask.

    So excited, cannot wait to mess around with Android. My touch was my constant companion as well, looks like I found a replacement though.

    Thanks again for your help.
  6. blackdog709

    blackdog709 Well-Known Member

    Look at the thread here :My thoughts on the galaxy player..."

    They are great devices and way better, in my opinion, than ipodtouch. Add a 32 or 64 gig microsd card! No itunes hassles! Bigger screen!

    There are two levels of "customization".
    1. Use a better launcher than the stock setup. goLauncher is free, very, very flexible and has many "themes" you can dl as well. Personally I don't care much about the themes. They are mainly a wallpaper, with custom different-looking icons for some of the apps.
    But the Launcher itself will allow you to change the grid spacing of the screens to get more icons on each screen, for example.
    2. Rooting. Whole other thing that allows more control.

    Widgets: There are also cool digital clocks that you can add onto you homescreen. Just search around here. And spend some time on the Google Play Market. It's good to read the reviews of an appa nd see how it's rated. Generally gives you some good perspective on what to expect.

    There's another good forum out there. Anythingbutip*d the last syllable rhymes with mod.

    Have fun!
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  7. sdtag

    sdtag Well-Known Member

    I love mine.
    I have a Samsung Player 5.0
    a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    and I just got a 60" Samsung TV with a Samsung Blue Ray surround sound.

    I am discovering that Samsung is amazing.
    This Player 5.0 can do everything my Galaxy Tab 10.1 can do. ( I think, so far)
    It's just smaller. It is amazing!

    The other night I was playing around with my Samsung toys, using Allshare.
    From the 5.0 player or from the Tab I can access pictures, video, and mp3's on my desktop pc. Now there was a funny little symbol on the screen that looked like a TV with 2 arrows going across it. I pressed it and whatever I was looking at on either the player or the tab, showed up on my big screen tv.

    I have had a Linksys media extender forever and this technology just made it obsolete. And then some. I have always been the go to nerdy guy and this stuff is just blowing me away. Every day it seems I discover more and more. I'm in hog heaven! so to speak. haha

    My latest discovery is that I can use the 5.0 player as a still camera or video camera and instantly see my pictures and videos on the big screen. Great for parties I'm sure. And kids. haha
  8. Skyhawk7030

    Skyhawk7030 Member


    Greetings. I just got my GP5 (Galaxy Player 5) device recently, and I thought that I would pass along a really great find for you, in regards to your device and the built-in FM radio. The radio works GREAT, and has fantastic reception. I am able to hear FM radio stations from very far away, and that is a really strong plus.
    Also, something that is just as great- there is an app that will allow you to pick up the RDS (Radio Data Signals) that piggyback with the FM radio frequencies. This allows you to not only hear the FM radio stations and songs, but also to SEE the name of the radio station, and the title of the song as well. I found the app on the Google Play site, and it's called "FM 2 O".
    Great app!!!
    Also, I have also found a fantastic way to get GREAT sound out of my GP5 device by using the JetAudio music player app. It will allow you to manipulate every song that you play on your Samsung GP5 so it will sound 10 times better than what you have ever heard before. I am not kidding- it's that good. It's also available on the Android site.
    Quite honestly, the GP5 is vastly superior to the IPod in every conceivable way, and now it is even better with these two apps that I have found.
    Since I have owned a Ipod, I can tell you that this GP5 device is much better than an Ipod, that once you own this, you won't go back to Apple.

  9. Skyhawk7030

    Skyhawk7030 Member


    Question to you:

    I thought that the Memory Card size limit was 32 Gb.
    Are you saying that you have or are using a 64 Gb size SD Card in your GP5?
    I was told that Samsung limited the SD memory size to 32 Gb.
    If you are able to use 64 Gb, how is this possible?

    Please let us know.

  10. blackdog709

    blackdog709 Well-Known Member

    Technically the cap is at 32 gb cards. However the new 64gb cards will work. You have to format on the SGP. Just reporting what others have discovered. Also reported- go with a SanDisk or high-quality card. Search here and over at "anything but ipod".

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