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Really Good Theme Guide!

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  1. iTrumpet12

    iTrumpet12 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Feb 12, 2013
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    Hello Android Forums!
    This is my epic phone theme.

    1. Install Nova Launcher
    Open it up, then delete everything.
    2. Tap home and click on Nova Launcher and set as defualt.
    3.Goto nova settings/Drawer and turn Backroun[SIZE=6]d Transparency all t[SIZE=6]he w[SIZE=6]ay up.
    [SIZE=6][SIZE=6]4[SIZE=6]. Goto [SIZE=6]novasettings/dock [SIZE=6]then click dock pages [SIZE=6]and set to [SIZE=6]1.
    [SIZE=6]5.[SIZE=6]G[SIZE=6]oto novasettings[SIZE=6]/folder[SIZE=6]s an[SIZE=6]d change Folder Backround to D[SIZE=6]isk.
    [SIZE=6]5.Delete everything fro[SIZE=6]m dock a[SIZE=6]nd put it in this or[SIZE=6]der from left to right (Phone,Contacts,[SIZE=6]A[SIZE=6]pp Draw[SIZE=6]er,[SIZE=6]Messages,[SIZE=6]Leave [SIZE=6]open space on last one.
    [SIZE=6]6.[SIZE=6]Downlad Google Chrome (Faster Browsing) and put in empty dock s[SIZE=6]pace
    [SIZE=6]7.[SIZE=6]Now pick[SIZE=6] a nice backround.
    [SIZE=6]8.Now goto home put google search on top and ma[SIZE=6]ke [SIZE=6]3[/SIZE] folders [SIZE=6]under there. Name [SIZE=6]th[SIZE=6]em[SIZE=6]: Tools,M[SIZE=6]edia,Games. Fill th[SIZE=6]em in right folders[SIZE=6].
    [SIZE=6]9.[SIZE=6]Download big batter[SIZE=6]y nottifyer.



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