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Really high display percent (Browse All)

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  1. JDMDingo

    JDMDingo New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 23, 2010
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    I have been researching this for about a month and tried everything and nothing works. I tried setcpu (under clocking), batdroid turn off 3g while idle), airplane mode, no widgets, no sync, no gps, no blue tooth, display time out 15sec....pretty much everything to save battery. If I do not touch my phone what so ever it discharges about 10% per hour. Under battery use "Display 86%" ish, everything else is low Looks like my display is not really turning off.

    The bottom of the phone is warm at all times and burning hot during charging, which I read is normal even though I can't see why....if it is idle why would it be warm?

    I'm using Cyanogen Mod 6, even stock I had the same problem....I bought it used so I can't say if it has gotten worse. I bought 2 brand new genuine htc batteries just in case the battery it came with was shot.

    Any info would be great, like I said I have tried ever battery saving technique....could there be something I'm missing? Thanks

  2. maxnicks

    maxnicks Well-Known Member

    Jul 1, 2010
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    From Wadzii on DroidForums.net
    Fully charge the battery.. let it sit unplugged for a few min, plug it back in.. make sure its all the way topped off.

    then clear battery cache

    then let the battery drain till it dies, restart the phone, let it die again.. pretty much make it so the battery is as dead as you can get it.

    then fully recharge it.

    you should be all set after that
  3. akusokuzan

    akusokuzan Member

    May 16, 2010
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    As you may know, Cyanogen mods seem to suck our battery moreso than stock ROMs. This might be why your battery life sucks.
  4. snakeybidder

    snakeybidder Well-Known Member

    May 9, 2010
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    My battery lasts at least 15 hours with heavy usage. With light usage it lasts maybe 24 hours. Im with latest nightly build.

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