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REALLY want to uninstall HTC Mail app

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  1. NewToTheEvo

    NewToTheEvo Member

    I got my Evo 4g in December and used the stock mail app all the time until about 2 weeks ago, when I started using the Gmail app. I'd really like to get rid of the stock mail app because it's taking up a WHOPPING 162 MB of internal memory. I already deleted the account that I had on there. What could be taking up 162 MB?!?!? I just want to get rid of it once and for all. Please help. Oh....and my phone is not rooted....I don't think. I don't even know what that is, to be honest. :confused:

  2. mistaj33

    mistaj33 Well-Known Member

    You won't be able to remove it without root. But, you should be able to go into "Settings"-->"Applications"-->"Manage applications" and find the "Mail" app and clear data and cache.
  3. NewToTheEvo

    NewToTheEvo Member

    It won't let me clear data or anything. Do you have any idea as to why it won't let me even clear the data? I'd really like to free up that 100+ MB. Thanks in advance!!
  4. Mohammad_Adib

    Mohammad_Adib Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I think you could go to the stock mail app, and check the menu to see if there is a settings screen where you can throw out the accounts that it is used for, that way i think it might free up your space.

  5. NewToTheEvo

    NewToTheEvo Member

    Because I have deleted that account, when I go into the Mail app and hit menu, nothing happens. There's nothing to pull up. I REALLY want this app gone so I can get the memory opened up. HELP!! LOL!!
  6. mistaj33

    mistaj33 Well-Known Member

    I hate to say it, but you may need to do a factory reset. You should definitely be able to "clear data" and "clear cache" in the mail app. If it's greyed out, then I would say something is wrong.

    If you're not up for a hard reset just yet, keep your eye on this thread also as someone may come up with a solution:

  7. Mohammad_Adib

    Mohammad_Adib Well-Known Member

    your mail app takes up 162mb even with no account on it. ok thats wierd. i suggest u get a file manager like ASTRO or ES File Explorer and browse around in your phone to find where the app is stashing the 100mbs of data. then just delete that data...as for the app you'll have to root your phone to get rid of it. that will ONLY get rid of the apk(as in the executable app) and not it's memory stash. So...i suggest if the app bugs you, you can use launcher pro instead of your default launcher, and that lets you hide bogus apps while also having a much better home screen and look and feel to your phone.

    And also: how do you know its the mail app that is taking up 162mb? the reason your mail app cannot be cleared maybe because since it has no accounts associated with it, it does not have any cache to clear in the first place...just a thought
  8. amlothi

    amlothi Well-Known Member

    Without root, he won't be able to delete things from the system memory. Even if he was rooted, this would be dangerous. Might delete the wrong thing.

    If rooted, it's easier to just uninstall.

    This is not helpful. It does nothing to help solve the problem, and adding another launcher only takes up more space. I'm not saying LP is a bad idea, I just don't see how it has anything to do with the problem. "Hiding" the app doesn't get the space back.

    NewToTheEvo, is it possible the size is being reported incorrectly? Or, do you think it's accurate? That's way more data than on my phone, and I have 2 accounts.
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  9. Mohammad_Adib

    Mohammad_Adib Well-Known Member

    Ah, yes thanks for ur criticism i agree with you. Uninstalling the app is what the target is. But I still dont see how 162mb can be taken up by an email app...it only caches the mails it shouldnt download every email to the phone...where is the 162mb figure coming from? For examples i have 2000+ emails in my inbox but my email app takes up next to no memory in its cache...at least i dont think so.
  10. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    If you are not going to root try this

    enable it again, you know, add an account. send and receive a few emails

    then try and clear cache and data
    (in that order)
  11. Chilly McFreeze

    Chilly McFreeze Well-Known Member

    I would try adding the account back in, deleting the mails, emptying the trash (this must be done), and then clear the data and
    the cache. After all that you should finally remove the account. I have to say this is an extremely buggy app. After I removed my hotmail account from it it still had 1.05MB of data (small time compared to you I know :) ). Unlike you I could clear this data, but it keeps coming back even though I had no accounts associated with it. Just another reason why I rooted and moved away from Sense.

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