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Reason for bloatware?General

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  1. swiftbow

    swiftbow Member

    I got a message that TeleNav GPS was disabled due to non payment. Found they wanted $10/month ... think their fee is total insanity but in any regards, found I couldn't delete the app, apparently bloatware.

    Question: why is there unremovable apps? Do the cellphone or provider get somesort of kickback?

  2. kimtyson

    kimtyson Well-Known Member

    Yes, it's all about the money, for sure. Go to Manage Apps and select the app. Force Stop and then Disable. That will remove it from your view in the App drawer but unfortunately you can't get it off the phone. Unless, you download Titanium Backup and then you may be able to remove it but even that is a crap shoot.

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