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  1. Tringo

    Tringo Member

    Has anyone found a way (or a mod) to reassign the keys on the physical keyboard? Specifically, i'd like to have the Home & Menu buttons on the left point to internet & e-mail respectively, like they were on the Backflip I just retired.

    Any 'input' appreciated!

  2. DudeJB

    DudeJB Member

    I was thinking since we have root and we have a Hardware Keyboard it would be nice to actually have a Hardware button for the Camera.

    So I started Searching around on how to do it. I found an application that claimed to be able to do it called "buttonremapper". Unfortunately this program only sees the Menu and back button. 2 buttons I do not wish to remap.

    I did find a program called Keynrtracker on XDA that allows me to see the ID's of every button pressed including the Hardware buttons.

    I researched a little more and found where the Key mapping files are located:
    In here, there are many files that have to do with the keyboard. I found the one to modify is the:
    this file has all the keys and I simply wanted to change the Search button from the keypad to bring up the Camera so I did this:

    where previously 217 was:

    "Wake dropped" is to tell the button to wake up if asleep or not.

    Make sure you backup before have root and save. Reboot to load changes.

    Well it now works I have a Hardware Camera button. One thing I noticed is I have to Hard press the button and hold not just click. Anyone know why? Added benefit is once the camera app is open, it also takes pictures by pressing on that same button.


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