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  1. saisai31

    saisai31 New Member

    Im having trouble with my RebelRom on Android2.3.6. My notification bar or status bar isnt showing and if somebody calls I can not see the call or answer it.
    And i didnt make a Nandroid buckup
    I used My Backup app

  2. sirphilk

    sirphilk Active Member

    I just went through something similar. You need to install version 3.08 before installing version 3.09. and you need to completely wipe before you install 3.08. After installing 3.08 you go through setup (you can skip setting up google account). Then reboot to CWM, clear your cache. then install 3.09. If you went straight to 3.09 or you didn't do a rom wipe, or clear the cache before 3.09 (my mistake) then that is your problem.
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  3. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Make sure you do a nandroid backup once you are all done.
  4. to serve man

    to serve man Well-Known Member

    I am at stock rom, do I still have to install 3.08 first, then upgrade to 3.09?

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