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    May 21, 2011
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    Hi, after hours of googling the internet and searching these boards, I have decided that I just need to post a thread in the hopes to revive my interest in this phone. I apologize in advance as it seems that this is a big problem and I don't know much as this is my first smartphone.

    A little background: And little it is... I have only had the phone three days. That's right. THREE days!! The first day wasn't too bad. There were definitely reboots but they were apart of a couple installs and I would receive a "two minute warning". The next day, I started getting the random reboots (probably 5 or 6 total). No warning... just suddenly get the white HTC screen. Today I have received less reboots (maybe 2) but now I don't receive notifications when I get an email (had no problems with this the first two days). I did install some apps last night but I have since uninstalled them and still nothing (I even rebooted). I can manually check my email on the phone and it's up to date, I just don't get the notice. I also installed some apps the first day that could have caused the reboot issue. I have uninstalled whatever I didn't need. If I am still having reboot issues with what is left then that is a problem.

    If you have any input, it's greatly appreciated. When choosing a phone, it was between the TB, the Charger, the X and the iphone 4. I still have 11 days to exchange this one so if I can't get it straight, I may just go with the iphone... for various reasons.



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