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  1. Tek20

    Tek20 Active Member

    Hello everyone,

    I just got my nexus 10 today. After setup it started to load all my apps from my account.

    Out of no where the nexus logo appeared in the center of the screen and I was then at the lock screen.

    It was too quick for a reboot. Did it crash or was this a screen saver?

    Everything installed fine and the device seems to be working OK.

    Should I do or a reset or do you think I'm fine?

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi Tek :hello: Welcome to the forums.

    It may have just been the reboot issue problem with 4.2.1. I think I remember having one like you describe. Go to about tablet in settings and system update. Update to 4.2.2 if it hasn't already.
  3. Tek20

    Tek20 Active Member

    It says I have 4.2.1, but I am updated in system update. I did get an update that installed about 5 minutes after my random reboot. It installed successfully.

    Should I do a system reset? Everything seems to be working fine, I am just concerned about data corruption if apps were installing during that random reboot mentioned in my first post.
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Your N10 may have shipped with 4.2.0 and just updated to 4.2.1. Check your build number. For 4.2.2 it should be JDQ39.
  5. Tek20

    Tek20 Active Member

    I have build JOP40D and version 4.2.1.
  6. scottws

    scottws Member

    4.2.2 did not fix my freeze/reboot issue. It happens every 1.5 days instead of multiple times per day, but it still happens.
  7. clo821

    clo821 Well-Known Member

    Scott, you should try factory resetting the tablet and choose not to automatically restore your apps or their settings.

    Do not install any other apps and see if the restarts continue. I have performed those steps and my tablets hasn't frozen since.

    I now plan on installing my apps one by one in an attempt to pinpoint the app causing my restarts.
  8. tanware

    tanware Well-Known Member

    I have had one crash sine Jan 10 and that was my fault. I do however have a sound issue where the tablet keeps wanting to use my DLNA sound from my laptop.
  9. Tek20

    Tek20 Active Member

    Mine just had a freeze/reboot. I was using Play Magazines and it locked up. Then I had a reboot. It was after several hours of straight use and multiple open apps.

    Darn. Almost 1 week without one.
  10. scottws

    scottws Member

    Today I heeded your advice and then some. I did a full wipe and re-flash of 4.2.2 and then did not have my settings and apps restored from Google. Instead I am setting it back up manually and only installed the apps I use all the time.

    We will see how it goes.
  11. clo821

    clo821 Well-Known Member

    Let me know how it goes. I did experience a hiccup yesterday but it did not appear to be the usual lockup/restart issue. It felt as if all of the tablets resources were being used.

    In any case, it's been running great since my latest reset. I'll monitor the memory usage and see if I observe any abnormalities.
  12. Tek20

    Tek20 Active Member

    Just got 4.2.2.
  13. clo821

    clo821 Well-Known Member

    How's it been since your latest reset?
  14. scottws

    scottws Member

    No unexpected reboots yet. Still running a bare minimum of apps.
  15. short space

    short space Member

    The title says it. I have 4.2.2 build JDQ39 too.
    Are there known apps that have been causing the reboots?
    I see recommendations to reset to factory and add apps slowly.
    How can I best save apps so I can reinstall them?

    I'm a total tablet newbie.
    So any advice you give me, please tell me HOW to do it.
    If there is a web page that will tell me HOW, that will help greatly.
  16. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi short space :hello:

    You might try turning off GPS and see if that helps. Take a look through this thread. There may other tips you can try.

    To backup apps, if you aren't rooted, you can use App Backup & Restore. It will only backup the apps, not data such as saved games. Or, you can just reinstall them from the Play Store.
  17. short space

    short space Member

    I have turned off GPS. I have 4.2.2 latest build.
    Does it make sense to try to get it repaired by Google? If so how do I do that.

    My Nexus is crashing several times a day. Seems to happen when I tap things fast[ in rapid succession].
    Other that getting repair should I flash to a 3rd party ROM? Which one for best stability?
    If I use Such a ROM & I still get crashes, does that mean it is a hardware problem. Or because the 3rd party ROM developers use much of stock ROM code, it might still be SW issues?

    Are folks who are getting new Nexus 10s having crash problems???
    As I said I am Android new user.
  18. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Did you ever try a factory reset to see if that helped?

    If you bought it from Google you could just call Google's support number. If you bought it from another retailer you could return it to them if its still within the return period. Otherwise you would probably have to go through Samsung support.

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