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Rebooting after JB updateSupport

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  1. mrvirtual

    mrvirtual New Member

    My TF201 is 5 months old, JB update was pushed out and installed OK. but now reboots on a regular basis.
    After factory resetting on advice of ASUS it still reboots.
    Anyhow after playing around I discovered that it reboots when I have an SD card in the SD slot on the keyboard.

    Has anyone else experienced this at all? have you got an SD card in your JB updated TF Prime keyboard slot?

    I have tried 3 cards and even reformatted this makes no difference at all. These cards were causing no issues with ICS.
    It is currently with ASUS, hope they can correct this.

    We also have a TF-300 not willing to update just yet.

  2. mrvirtual

    mrvirtual New Member

    OK so my Prime came back from repair today. Hooray! very happy.
    The repair sheet says they replaced the mainboard and the dock.

    Now that to me says a new MB on the tablet and a new dock? it's the same doc, same scratches etc. perhaps replaced the board inside??
    But guess what the thing still reboots with the SD card inserted. usually does this when going to sleep.

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