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reboots, over and over and over and over...Support

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  1. hef

    hef Well-Known Member

    ok, so i finally got my uk milestone (i'm in scotland) after waiting two weeks for it to arrive.
    every time i switch it on it gets to the android homescreen, i get about a minute of pottering around done and the phone resets and boots all over again.
    has been doing this for about an hour, over and over.
    i managed to check the firmware version quickly and it's 2.0.
    dunno if that makes a difference.

  2. MarioNico

    MarioNico Well-Known Member

    Connect your phone to Motorola update and put the 2.0.1 software on. You will loose the reboot after that.
  3. hef

    hef Well-Known Member

    updated the software to 2.0.1 and it doesn't seem to have made a difference.
    problem goes away if i switch to flight mode or remove the sim card. phone works fine with my old O2 PAYG sim so is it possible its a dodgy sim card?

    UPDATE- Seems that it was jsut the sim. i wiggled it aroound a lot between reboots and it eventually stopped doing it. been running all up and down the internet now for the last few hours.
    cheers for your help MarioNico
  4. julian22

    julian22 Member

    I had this same problem and hard-resetted my phone.
    Hope it doesn't come back =(
  5. hef

    hef Well-Known Member

    Well so far about phone > status tells me I have had 36 hours and 4 minuts of uptime.
    I don't expect it to come back unless the sim card gets a knock or something.
  6. Celtyc

    Celtyc Active Member

    Same issue, plus I haven't had data for since last friday. Telus is very slow trying to reslve this :(

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