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  1. eminemfan

    eminemfan Well-Known Member

    this is anotehr re brand phone from mmx(the liars company) this is rebranded of GioNEE GN868 a chinese phone.the same phone will be available from another company called blu and model number is vivo 4.3 it has dual core processor front cam 1.3mp,8 mp rear cam,1gb ram at 12 k will be available from September.where as mmx a90 has 512 mb ram 0.3 front cam single core i know for single core mtk processor 12.9k price is really high.

  2. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Well-Known Member

    that to 16m colours in that
  3. maddyrafi

    maddyrafi Well-Known Member

    I am using MMX A89. My power button is problem so i need working apps name list for - Double tap to unlock android mobile MMX A89.

    My Mail Id:, tap tap.apk shake on off, etc apps not working properly..

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