Receive Google Voice calls on 3G without battery drain?

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  1. jjane45

    jjane45 Member

    Hello I am hoping to get app recommendations here! Virgin Mobile 300 minutes plan, strong 3G but no wifi. I'd like to receive phone calls from one (wordy) contact without using voice minutes. The Google voice number is forwarded to Google chat only. Groove IP drains battery too fast if constantly on, I have Tasker but toggling is probably too slow for taking calls? Not sure if I am missing the obvious, is there an app out there that uses minimum resources running in the background and can answer GV calls? Thank you very much! :D

  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    GrooveIP is all i know for that. Don't see why that would be more of a drain than something else.
  3. drewcam888

    drewcam888 Well-Known Member

    groove doesn't my battery fast. maybe you have other issues
  4. slikkk

    slikkk New Member

    I am also concerned about battery drain when groove ip is constantly on. It seems to be draining considerable amount of battery.
  5. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    Groove IP has a wake lock setting that does drain battery faster than without it checked. Adds about 2-3% per hour to my battery drain. Unfortunately my Galaxy Player doesn't seem to ring if I leave that unchecked. The only time it drains that fast is with wifi on (ie: Groove IP on).
  6. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    You might want to try SipDroid. I have a lot of minutes on my plan so I only use it occassionally, mostly to make free international calls over WiFi or to make calls when I have a WiFi connection but not a cellular connection. However, you can use it to make calls over 3G too. It will cause some additional battery drain, but I seem to recall a discussion many months ago where it was said that SIPDroid was better on power consumption than other SIP (VIOP) clients. It's a free open-source app so you could always give it a try.
  7. SharpBarb

    SharpBarb Well-Known Member

    Does using GVoice drain the battery?
  8. billobob

    billobob Member

    SipDroid has, oddly enough, never worked properly for me even on wifi. and this is trying it across different devices, roms, wifi networks, etc.

    GrooveIP works well over wifi (it is always a bit spotty for me with 3g, probably due to t-mobiles wonky service where it'll be super fast for 30 seconds and then cut out for a couple) but it certainly drains the battery and I never figured out a solution. fortunately it's not a problem for me since I make most of my wifi calls in my apartment (where I can easily leave the phone charging), but as far as I know I haven't seen anyone come up with a solution
  9. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    By definition, any app that sets itself up to listen for incoming calls is going to drain battery to some extent. FWIW, I have no battery issues with GrooVe IP on either my phone or tablet. If it is having an impact, is is so small as to be imperceptible.

    If it is a concern, I suggest rooting your device and then installing SetCPU. You can use it to set a number of energy saving profiles, and they DO toggle fast.

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