Received replacement phone. Has Android 2.3.3 on it. Has error on it.Support

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  1. domlee

    domlee New Member

    Short story.
    Monday - I lost my phone. Called T-Mobile, and they told me to report to Asurion. Fine.
    Tuesday - receive new G2 from Asurion. Only catch is, it has two errors that are seemingly permanent at the moment:

    1) "New Voicemail" notification in toolbar. I have no voicemails/no saved messages. So this is annoying.
    2) "Blank SD card. SD card blank or has unsupported filesystem." This is SUPER annoying at the moment as I cannot use my picture gallery or anything else that would store data on the phone (MP3 players, etc).

    I'm fairly tech savvy. I rebooted the phone. Checked the physical metal contacts on both the phone and the microSD card. Everything is fine. The phone itself works, as the SIM card is just fine and I can make phone calls, receive text messages, etc.

    *When I connected the phone to my computer via the USB cable, the phone asks if I want to turn on USB connectivity (which I click yes). But it will not officially register w/ my computer (my computer doesn't recognize it as a removable disk drive't left or right click on it). I've clicked on "mount SD card" on the phone. I've clicked on "erase SD card" on the phone. None of this has worked.

    So I called T-Mobile to get a handle on the "blank SD card" issue. They troubleshooted. Nothing. Referred me to HTC. I called HTC. They troubleshooted. Referred me back to T-Mobile. T-Mobile sent me over to Asurion, as they said since it is a replacement phone via warranty, they (Asurion) would handle it. Asurion said their warranty covers only the phone and nothing else (such as the microSD card). So I'm $hit out of luck at the moment. Their only suggestion, was to go get a microSD card elsewhere and try that in the phone to see if that will work. Based on what I'm reading, it seems HIGHLY unlikely this will fix the issue, but I will attempt it nonethless. If it doesn't work, T-Mobile and Asurion will be hearing from me.

    So while Gingerbread seems to be great, T-Mobile/Asurion has been less than helpful to me in my case because the SD card issue prevents me from doing things such as use my picture gallery, listen to music, download MP3s, etc.

    Any suggestions from you guys on what I can do as far as getting the SD card to work?

  2. Erick

    Erick Well-Known Member

  3. domlee

    domlee New Member

    Yeah. Already made a post there. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    Have you tried other cards? I just got a g2 today to demo in hopes of a supposed g2 replacement coming soon (no, not the 4g slide). Have the stuck voicemail icon to with no way to get rid of it.

    Not enjoying this phone so far compared to my Epic, but it's not horrible thankfully.
  5. domlee

    domlee New Member

    It was a relatively simple fix.

    The voicemail issue...fixed by leaving a voice message then deleting it.

    The microSD card issue....yes...I received a bad microSD to which T-Mobile and Asurion do not cover at all. I went to my local Best Buy and picked up a microSD card I liked, and that fixed it.

    As for battery life from pre-Gingerbread to this one...about the same in my opinion. Just a tad longer perhaps, but not enough for me to be "wow"ed by it.
  6. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    Guess im a bit late...oh well how is 2.3?

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