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  1. Vandaalius

    Vandaalius New Member


    I'm experiencing some strange phenomenon on my HTC Magic.
    I have disabled my 3G, so I only use 2G networks.

    But on random times, not very often, I suddenly get a message, saying I have new unread Gmail email. When I look at my Gmail inbox, my inbox is totally up to date! I think this is very strange, because I had 3G and WIFI disabled when I retreived these mails.

    Can Gmail email be retreived via the 2G network? As far as I know, email can not be retrieved via GPRS or other 2G network.

  2. Frank

    Frank Well-Known Member

    I receive Gmail via 2G GPRS. It works great. I am new to this as well and I am not one of these experts on this site. But I turned off the data sync when I am on the 2G so it will not cost me money by always updating. I use a prepaid card to buy phone time.
  3. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Yes it can , All thats needed to retrieve the emails is Data , what 2G supports :)

    You could browse the internet on 2G and everything too
  4. Vandaalius

    Vandaalius New Member

    Wow, did not know that this was possible ! Thanks for your replies !

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