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  1. casey03senior

    casey03senior New Member

    Recently, when people send me picture messages, I am receiving them in a very very small size 15k and below. When i view them in my gallery and try to zoom in, the quality is horrible and blurry. I used to get pics at about 1280 X 722 or higher, but now, every one is coming in at 90 X 120 or 159 X 106.

    I don't have problems sending pics. I sent a pic 877k in size, and everybody i sent it to received it at that size. But when someone sends me a pic of similar size, it's always 15k and below (thumbnail size) I have never had this problem til recently.

    I am running CM 7.0 RC-2. RC-3 was just released today and i updated, but am still having the same problem. I did NOT have this problem with RC-1.

    Please please please please please help me as this issue is extremely frustrating and annoying.

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    You don't say if you are using the stock Messaging or not.

    If you are, you may like to install Handcent, free from the Market (you will need to disable your stock notifications to avoid duplication).

    One of the features of the MMS settings is the ability to adjust MMS size. Mine is set to 300k as I am with Vodafone in the UK and this is the max size allowed.

    I must say that Handcent solved a lot of my problems and is a lot slicker and more user friendly than stock.

    Hope this helps. :D
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  3. Soupdragon

    Soupdragon Well-Known Member

    +1 for Handcent -it's never let me down, I love it :)
  4. casey03senior

    casey03senior New Member

    Yes, i use handcent, and i love it!

    I'm pretty sure i fixed the issue, i had this same post on other forums, and somebody told me to mess with the User agent under the settings in the stock messaging app..... which i did, and now i'm getting pictures at the right size again. well..... at least bigger than what i was getting them at.

    thanks for your replies :)
  5. nathanbritt94

    nathanbritt94 New Member

    I'm not very smart concerning how to fix this, if you could please explain how you did, that would just be amazing.

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