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  1. richb82

    richb82 Well-Known Member

    My wife just picked up an LG Vortex last Sunday, and for some reason she's getting duplicate SMS for all but 2 or 3 of those who she texts back and forth with. Doesn't seem to be carrier specific, as our friends who are on VZ give her the same problem. She's using Handcent, but if I check her texts in the stock Messages app, there are duplicates in there as well. I have checked all setting possible, and there's nothing to change that I can find that would take care of it.

    For what it's worth, it's only usually 2 duplicate texts, however tonight she did get 3 from one of her friends, but then everything else was 2. Also, one of the texts has a callback number in it, and the other does not. I am not having the same problem on my Dinc texting with the same people, so I know it's not them, it's definitely her phone.

    Should I take it to the Verizon store where we bought it and have them check it out, or is there something someone can suggest to fix this without involving them?

    Thanks to anyone that can help!

  2. kosmoskid

    kosmoskid Member

    I would try to factory reset the phone first, run it without handcent, and if that works, then install handcent. Usually duplication isn't really a phone issue, but it can be.
  3. richb82

    richb82 Well-Known Member

    Did a hard reset last night, and had one of her friends text her this morning. Low and behold, same problem. I think we're taking a trip up to the Verizon store tomorrow and seeing if anything can be done about it. If not, it might be getting traded in for an Incredible.
  4. richb82

    richb82 Well-Known Member

    Well after some further thought, it looks like the duplicate messages are caused by the messaging app absolutely necessitating the display of the callback number of the sender. So if someone has a callback number set to be given when they send a text, it's going to show up on this phone. I have checked the apk using Apk Manager and couldn't find anything in the files that could be modified. So, I renamed the mms.apk file in Root Explorer with a .bak extension so it wouldn't work, and the problem went away. Also, it stopped the message indicator that shows up on the lock screen. Unfortunately, it also prevented the phone from being able to send MMS messages, so this was not a proper solution.

    So it looks like it's an LG thing with the way they have apparently programmed the Messaging app to work. If they plan on stepping up their Android game as some people claim they are doing and being a major player in the Android arena, they really need to tie up loose ends like this. I've never had this problem with my Incredible, and unfortunately this is a deal breaker for her. It's quite annoying to have all these text messages show up twice, not to mention the stupid lock screen notification, which is again something I don't have on my Dincs vanilla lock screen.
  5. richb82

    richb82 Well-Known Member

    Ugh, after some time spent at the VZ store and a new Vortex in hand because we thought it was her phone with the problem since the demo phone didn't do the same thing, it looks like the actual issue is Handcent. Prior to installing it on the new phone, no duplicates were received. After I installed Handcent though, it came right back. Uninstalled Handcent, and the problem went away. What a bunch of BS :( The stock messaging app is such fuggin garbage I hate to have my wife use it. Maybe I'll give Chomp a try and see if that exhibits the same issue. I'll report back within the next few days, if not tonight :)
  6. jlcampbell1968

    jlcampbell1968 New Member

    had the same problem---its with handcent, I deleted that app and the problem went away
  7. richb82

    richb82 Well-Known Member

    I installed Chomp last night on the phone and so far so good :) Anything is better than the garbage stock app.
  8. death2all110

    death2all110 VIP Member VIP Member

    I use chomp all the time and love it.
  9. richb82

    richb82 Well-Known Member

    I actually discovered GoSMS from the Market while searching for Chomp, and so far it's great. I've heard it's actually better than Chomp, and so far it looks pretty much like Handcent. My wife likes it because it comes with a Christmas theme, which is nice for someone like her with a bunch of holiday spirit.
  10. crucifixion

    crucifixion Well-Known Member

    Has this issue been fixed?

    Going to be buying a LG Vortex for the wife and as I use Handcent on my Incredible, I want her to use it on the Vortex.
  11. richb82

    richb82 Well-Known Member

    Not sure. My wife is back to using the stock app though, I'm pretty sure she encountered problems with GoSMS too. Overall I'm not a fan of this phone, I really wish she would have bought the Fascinate or Incredible. Oh well.
  12. aabry

    aabry New Member

    I had a Droid for 3 months then needed a warranty replacement, I used handcent from the beginning and it only showed the message once...but I forgot how I set that. Well, after recieving one notification in handcent, then one in text messaging app, then one in the universal inbox app...I finally went further into it, and in the handcent app, go to settings, then application settings, then Default messaging application. Check All (sms & mms). That did it! I LOVE handcent
  13. mhseris

    mhseris Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with Hand cent on my Vortex. For the record, never had a problem like this when using Hand cent on my previous phone. Give this a try... open Hand cent, go to Settings, go to Receive message settings, and uncheck Self check. It seems to have fixed the problem for me. And it only seemed to be a problem, as mentioned above, for people who had a callback number set. My messages still show [CB...] at the end.

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