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Last Updated: 2013-06-10 00:58:34
  1. Nick.Doyle09

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    Hey all.

    So I recently rooted my phone DINC to CM7. Before I get started, I should say that I have a data plan but its only 150 mb (before Verizon changed their plans) so I don't use my data except when I'm lost and need to turn it on to use the Maps app--I am always on Wifi or nothing at all. Before rooting, I could send pictures with WiFi on (GoSMS) and the 3g icon would appear in the notification bar, then disappear when i received/sent an mms and return to Wifi. Now, when I send a picture, I have to keep the "Data enabled" option on (Settings>wireless and networks>mobile networks>). The problem is, if I leave my Wifi signal (i.e. my apartment), 3g kicks on, wasting data, until I manually turn it off. Except once my mobile data is off, I can't receive picture messages until it has been turned back on again. Before rooting, I didn't have to do this. It was turned on automatically when I got a picture and then turned off once it was received. How do I fix this problem?

  2. sdrawkcab25

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    think it does the same thing on all CM versions (looks like it has been fixed in CM 10.1), you may have to switch to a sense based rom.

    there is a few threads over at xda about CM lacking the ability, this is one of the better ones:

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